Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Musings--20 September 2010

Right Now:  6:00, with a pale streak of dawn across the horizon.  Too little sleep last night (to bed at 10, and Gemma got me up at 4), but I am finally starting to shake off the sleepiness.  Getting ready for the second week of school.  In a few minutes I will start printing out today's Calculadder drills and handwriting practice sheets, as well as some things for keeping Dominic busy.

This Weekend:  It was very nice, but very busy!  Bret had Friday off, so we used it to go to get my blood work done and then go grocery shopping and make a stop at a thrift store.  Adrian had an attack of the "Canyoubuyme" bug and had a bit of a meltdown, forcing me to take him out of the store to the van while Bret checked out.

Saturday was busy, too.  I baked four loaves of zucchini bread, did a couple of loads of laundry and made about 4 cups of pesto for the freezer.

Sunday we went to an early Mass.  At home we tidied up and I made a batch of my favorite Pasta with Pesto to take to my sister's for Thomas and James' combined birthday.  We had a great time over there--the kids all get on really well with the cousins and we had no outbreaks of temper or arguments the entire time.

Some Plans for the Week:  Hey, it's a school week, and I don't get much done in a school week besides school.  But I would love to find time to wash my floors.  I'm beginning to stick to them.  And I really need to try and come up with another week or two of menu planning.  I don't know why this is so hard.  Oh, actually I do know:  it is because I have difficulty finding recipes that won't be rejected by at least half of my children!  Trying to get a majority vote is really hard.  What is it with these kids?

If I Find Some Time for Myself, I Want to:  finish Gemma's leg warmers and start on something else.  And I still haven't sewn up her winter pants.

Some Prayer Intentions:  for Gae, whose family seems to be suffering another round of some horrible, recurring virus;  for continued calm and joy in our homeschooling; for continued work for Bret; for my friend Cindy, whose second daughter is now studying in Canada--having children leaving the nest is causing her all sorts of anxiety, besides her missing her daughter's help at home with the little ones!  I can only imagine what a basket-case I'll be when Una takes off...

Something That Makes Me Smile:  having someone come up to me after Mass to ask where I got Una's "beautiful dress" and being able to tell her that I made it!

If you would like to join in on posting a bit about your weekend and your plans for the week, just copy the header image and link back here.

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  1. The dress is beautiful... so is the girl wearing it! I am sure that was a wonderful feeling to receive such a nice compliment! Prayers for a happy and productive week... God bless!


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