Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Dress

Nothing fancy, just my very first attempt at sewing up a pattern.  I forgot to put on the brown satin sash before taking the photos, but no doubt you'll be seeing this dress again.  Una likes it!


  1. As Fanny Price would say: 'Oh, this is beautiful indeed!' I wish I could sew something like that! Thank you for posting... I have been very interested to see it since you started talking about it.

  2. oh my, quite lovely. with buttons too!!!

  3. I've been waiting to see the dress. It's wonderful! I'd never wear anything less than dashing, if I could sew. Alas...

    Hello Max!

  4. It's beautiful! how is it possible that this is your first attempt at sewing a dress??? You did such a great job.

  5. it is sooo beautiful, and it looks pretty simple to make daughter would LOVE one of those! what pattern did you use, if you don't mind me asking?

  6. Cathy, it IS easy! It is the Regency Girl's Dress from Sense & Sensibility Patterns. On my right-hand sidebar below my archive you will find the link under "Crafty-ness"

  7. What an accomplishment!! How beautiful and feminine!

  8. Exquisite!!! And the dress is very, very lovely, too! What an accomplishment...

  9. breathtakingly beautiful....
    your girl.
    your sewing.
    your pictures.
    the farm....
    God is smiling on you, dear nadja!
    have a blessed weekend!

  10. I LOVE IT!! So beautiful! Your first attempt? Are you serious?? It looks fantastic! Good job on the pleats. I've only done a couple...they were pretty difficult, I thought. Thanks for sharing the pic. Makes me want to go dig up my sewing machine.

  11. Abby and I are sitting here admiring - and with more than a little envy! Una and dress are beautiful. Abby is hoping to start hers this summer - I am not going to be able to help much. I have a feeling she will be emailing you....

  12. Dear Nadja,
    Oh it is so beautiful I am sure Una will wear it often.
    Have you found it practical though for everyday wear?
    I am looking for ideas for Confirmation Dresses for our girls for July.
    Hwever they are a bit well... busty I am never sure this is a good look for them.
    Any opinions?
    God Bless


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