Thursday, June 24, 2010

The plight of Mr. Mole

A friend of ours came across a mole in the course of his gardening duties and decided that he was just the thing for our house full of budding naturalists.  Of course, the mole didn't want to show himself.
His temporary abode was taken outside, where he suffered the indignity of being dug out with gloved hands, and put on display.  Once released, he made a hasty retreat.  He was then taken to the unused part of the garden and freed.


  1. Marin is watching the video... "again, again!" (She'll be two this Saturday.)

  2. Oh my gosh! We had a neighbor find a young-ish mole last Saturday and we were able to find a mole hole to let him/her dig back into. Yesterday I was having a rough day and pulled out some all-purpose Mommmy/nerd knowledge on how Moles have toxic saliva and they can paralyze but not kill earth worms to store for eating later. My boys were very impressed. Nothing like toxic saliva to break up an argument over a deck of cards :)


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