Thursday, September 2, 2010

In the thick of it…

Planning, that is.  Oh my, and I am NOT having a good time.  I am ignoring certain household duties.  I am avoiding my children.  I am on the brink of serving cereal for dinner.  It is all-consuming.  It makes me want to Unschool.

The good news is, I think I have a lesson plan for the first six week down, plus course objectives for each child.  What I do not yet have is a schedule, however loose, to make it all work.  And I am currently slaving over a menu plan and calendar on which to write all my school reminders so that I will not have to do so much last-minute scrambling for materials for a science experiment or printouts for handwriting practice.  I am trying to put blogging on the schedule so that I am not tempted to sneak it in during school time.

My house is a wreck and my dad is coming from  North Carolina this Labor Day.  At least the kids are happy.  They are watching videos, playing on the “forbidden-except-for-long-van-trips” Gameboy, and spending time outside playing at being pirates or elves or Narnians, or throwing water balloons at one another.  Ah, those blissful last days of summer vacation!  Sure wish I could just hang out and play…

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  1. I've been known to serve cereal for dinner on an occasion or two... especially if Daddy is out of town, and we've had one of "those" days!

    I am so very structured by nature, but I think as I am growing older and maybe wiser, I am learning to loosen up a bit. I doubt I will ever be an unschooler, but I am learning to change directions when need be even if it means chucking the day's planner! ;)

    God bless (This is my second attempt if you were to get two comments... I think I like this one better anyway! :) +JMJ+


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