Friday, August 13, 2010

Heading South!

Oh, wish us luck!  We are headed down to Casa Maria down in Birmingham AL, to the convent of the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word, for the profession of vows of my dear friend Cindy's daughter, Sister Joseph Marie.

We've a chance of thunderstorms all weekend, the heat index will be around 105, and I am travelling with six kids and staying in one room with two twin beds at a convent.  My hair is graying as I type.  I really am trying to look at this in a spirit of adventure, laughing in the face of adversity, but it isn't easy.  Not with a one year-old, a hyper 4 year-old and a temperamental 5 year-old from the old school of, "Mama!  She's looking at me!!!"

Say an Ave for safe travel and that we all survive this trip.  While you're at it, say one for the Sister Servants, too.  Especially Sister Joseph Marie.


  1. Have a safe trip! I'll be praying! God bless Sr. Joseph Marie and Sr. Angela Marie - hopefully you can take some pictures while you're there! I would definitely look forward to seeing them! :D

  2. Prayers for you, your family, and the Sisters. What an awesome opportunity for your family, though!

    God bless

  3. oh my i love your life. my hair has grayed so much too due to my 3 boys.

  4. You're heading south just as I'm heading back home from Tennessee. We went there on vacation, our first real family vacation where we didn't go and visit family. We had an amazing time and Tennessee is sooo beautiful with the mountains and hills and all that green. Loved it.
    Safe travels and Congratulations to Cindy.

  5. Hope your trip is wonderful..and even more: peaceful and cool-er. What a blessing to go see such a lovely event! drive safely!


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