Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wow, where did the years go?

Bret and I have been married 23 years today.  When we first met in Munich, Germany, he was in the army and I was working on the base after returning home from six months in Bristol, England.  He was nice--much nicer than most of the guys I'd dated.  Therefore I gave the relationship three months at most.  After three months, Bret reminded my of my prophecy.  "Okay," I said, "Six months.  Six months at most."

Well, a year went by, and he was getting out of the army.  He said he'd like me to go back to the USA with him.  Very difficult decision.  I loved living in Europe.  I never wanted to leave.  But I had come to love this guy who was practically my opposite (I loved literature and history; he read only motorcycle magazines.  I was a sedentary, indoor type; he was the camping/hunting/fishing/hiking type.  I love to dance; he didn't.  And so forth).  So I told him I would give the USA a try.  "If I don't like it, I won't stay."

So, I hated the states (well, I hated Tucson and the desert), but I really loved Bret.  What's more, he loved me and was able to tolerate all my neuroses without too much difficulty.  I figured I'd best marry him, because I didn't think anyone else could put up with me for too long.

And so I raise my glass of cheap red wine to you, honey.  You are truly The One.  Thanks for twenty-three years, three homes in three states and half a dozen kids.  I love you...


  1. Aw, very sweet! Happy Anniversary! (We will be married 26 years in August.) May God bless you and Bret and your beautiful family always!


  2. Happy anniversary, Bret and Nadja! I love your love story!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I knew you both before you got married. I worked with your mother and was in the same unit as Bret. Seems like only yesterday Bret bought a BMW and was shipping it back to the states as hold baggage. I remember visiting you two before you were married in Arizona back in 1987 or 1988 but worked with your mother since 1983 perhaps 27 years ago....time sure goes by way too quickly it seems. God bless you both and your wonderful family!


  4. Happy Anniversary! Congrats to you both, and God bless! :)

  5. Aw =) That is so cool. You know I grew up in Switzerland, right? Du sprichst sicher, Deutsch, nicht? Wir sind von der Schweiz nach Nebraska umgezogen als ich 11 Jahre alt war. Fuer die ersten 10 Jahre hatte ich es nicht gern, weil ich keine Bergen um mich um hatte. Ich vermisse die Bergen immernoch, aber mir gefallt es in der USA, auch weil ich mein Mann hier kennengelernt habe. Er hat noch 14 Jahre in der Armee. Ich bin dann soooo froh wenn wir endlich nicht mehr alle drei Jahre umziehen muessen. Wir gehen dann nach MN, who mein Mann urspruenglich hehr ist.

  6. Ich vermisse die Bergen auch. And the forests. And Biergartens. And the Christkindlemarkt. And medieval architecture.

    23 years in this country, and I still get homesick...frequently!

    As for my spoken German, it has fallen apart from lack of use (even my mom speaks some sort of misch-masch with me), but I still understand and can read everything.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both. Sorry I missed it - I have been offline.

    Our 18th is coming up. I am hinting at Rome for our 25th - 7 years to save - plus all the many hundreds of unused air miles. Hmm with all the children to take - I am not sure it will happen

  8. Yes, I don't think I'll ever lose my Swiss-German, but I tried passing it on to the kids, but it was too difficult with my husband not speaking any German. My mother was pretty upset when I decided to just speak English (besides a few words like: "Schnellpost!! and Sofort!" to the kids. She still tries to force me to speak Swiss-German on the phone, but I think in English mostly so it's just easier to speak English.

  9. this post gave me chilllllsss...
    may THE ONE Who brought you two together give you many. many. more.

    ps. i don't think it works unless you are TOTAL opposites!

    hugs to you, dear one.


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