Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photos from this weekend's retreat

This next one is of my friend Cindy's oldest daughter, Sr. Joseph Marie, holding Cindy's youngest child, Madeline Therese.  She is looking well, don't you think?

Just before we left, one of Una's favorite sisters gave her a special gift: an apron her grandmother had made for her long ago.  She explained that it didn't fit so well over her habit, and gave it to Una.  Una is so delighted to have it!


  1. Every time you post a photo of Sr. Joseph Marie and Madeline it brings tears to my eyes. This picture is just beautiful!

  2. all of these photos are so beautiful and soothing...
    i bet you are still on cloud 9 from being there.
    unless really hit you square between the eyes as you walked thru the front door...
    which is usually what happens to me!
    but i am just being debbie downer again.
    that apron is so darling.
    which reminds me...that's why i actually came upstairs.
    got to go!

  3. That is a beautiful picture of Cindy's daughters! Una looks sweet. And the environment certainly looks very peaceful.


  4. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures, Nadja! Casa Maria is such a wonderful place and I'm so glad you had a good time!

  5. I passed your greetings on to Sr. Joseph Marie and the others, Carrie!

  6. These pictures are really beautiful; the surroundings are seem so peaceful. I am visiting from Allison's bolg (Totus Tuus). I love the picture of sister checking out how the apron fits.


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