Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Musings--June 14th, 2010

Right now...6:36 a.m., and it is already 75 degrees and muggy, although not as muggy as it was in Alabama!  Everyone is up except for Gemma and Sebastian.

This past weekend... was lovely.  We had a wonderful drive down to Casa Maria, and Gemma and Madeline were absolutely wonderful babies.  Cindy and I had lots of time to chat, and I have all but the last inch or so of the sleeve of Gemma's sweater done.

The retreat was very good.  How do you listen to the conferences with a wiggly, nearly-one-year-old, you may ask.  Well, Cindy has that worked out.  She always gets a room close to the conference room (helps to have a daughter who is a Sister Servant) and puts a baby monitor in the conference room, and the receiver end of it in her room.  Then she leaves her door ajar so that any of the mom's with wiggly or noisy babies can sit in the room and listen.  It works out pretty well, except that if your baby is noisy, you won't hear it either way.  Gemma was pretty good, though.

There was opportunity for confession, Mass every day, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and four conferences.  The meals were wonderful, too (food always tastes better when I don't have to cook it myself).

A great surprise was that among the attendees were two friends from Charlotte, North Carolina!  Debbie and Beth were a couple of the first Catholic moms I met when I was a new convert and pregnant for the first time.  Debbie was a great influence on me.  I think that I have had home-births and that I homeschool largely because of the impression she made on me.  
I got back last night.  Bret picked me up with the boys, and it was nice to be in my own bed again.  The boys had a good weekend, too, going to the creek and watching some "guy" DVDs.

Some plans for this week:  First and foremost: make a cut-list for the butcher.  Bret is taking the hog and steer in today.  Next: unpack.  Then I have about a hundred photos to download, pick through and edit.  I have receipts to write into the checkbook and laundry to catch up on.  And that's just today!  There is also school and the bedding all could use a good washing.  If there is an overcast day, I need to wash windows.  And I think I ought to check the tomatoes...a few days of heat and the weeds get out of hand!

If I can find some time for myself, I want to... finish Una's period dress and Gemma's dress, too.  Finish Gemma's sweater.  Edit some of this weekend's photos and maybe order prints for some of them.  Work a bit on school plans for the coming school year.  

Special prayer intentions:  for my grandfather, who is probably on his way out of this world and remains, as far as I know, in hospice care as I write this; for Cindy and her family (thanks for a great weekend, Cindy!); for all the Sister Servants and the Fathers of Mercy.  

Something that makes me smile:  travelling with a happy baby!

If you want to borrow the header image and do your own Monday Morning Musings, go ahead  and let me know in the comments so I can read your post.  Link back to mine, if you would.  I'm just too busy to look into the Mr. Linky this week--maybe next week!  Have a blessed week!


  1. so glad you are back safely and refreshed. i haven't been on a retreat for so long. for some reason it doesn't get any easier when the kids are bigger. they can actually get into MORE trouble if i am not here.
    what a busy week you've got ahead!
    can't wait to see those dresses. that is a darling shot of you and gemma.
    i just got a bunch of pictures printed myself. it is so much fun to see them in the flesh. the piano is be-decked with a bunch of fresh new pictures.
    target had some cute. cheap frames i might go back and pick up. i refrained initally because i have so much clutter and am trying to clear it out. but they were turquoise. so summery and fresh looking.
    have fun picniking those pictures! and wishing you many. many. blessings, dear, sweet nadja!

  2. Nice picture of you and Gemma! You are a teeny tiny little thing! Glad you had a nice weekend with your girls. I probably know your friends from Charlotte... at least by name (we have several Debbie's in our group). Have a nice week.


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