Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small Successes--volume 67

1)  I finished the bodice on Una's regency style dress.  And it fits her.  A bit tight on the upper arms when she has her arms fully extended before her, but to paraphrase her own comment, she's not going to be doing gymnastics in a full length regency dress.  And it is, after all, my first attempt at sewing anything more complex than a curtain!

2)  I cut Dominic's hair yesterday!  Yes, I realize that I still have 3 haircuts to do in two days, but Dominic is the hardest for sheer wiggliness.  I wish I could sedate him.  The second hardest, oddly enough, isn't Adrian, but Gabriel, and that because his hair is thick, and I've not yet invested in thinning shears (frankly, I'm afraid to try to use them).

3)  I managed to capture Gemma's "pucker-face" on the camera.  It is something she does sometimes in order to get a laugh, and then we all do it back to her, and it becomes a game.  When she makes this face, she also breathes in and out through her nose loudly.  It's so cute, put whenever I tried to photograph it in the past, she would just grin at the camera!

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  1. sweet kissy face!
    and don't even get me started on boy haircuts.
    the biggest boy cuts his own and even does middle son's hair.
    the baby just got a real hair cut 'cause the curls are harder to make look "nice" and clean cut.
    my boys are chia pets!
    happy day to you, friend.
    i've missed ya!

  2. Oh, I could just eat her up! All my kiddos had (have) very chubby cheeks... good for nibbling! :) +JMJ+

  3. So cute! Love the face. Congrats on one haircut down. I've always needed my hair thinned, so I understand your fear of the thinning shears.

  4. Haha...the funny son did that too! And when we visited his cousin, we found that she did it too!!


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