Friday, May 28, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Volume 82 (late and short a take edition)

I began reading from In Conversation With God on Monday as part of my spiritual reading.  

Funny story goes with that.  It was recommended to me by a very orthodox and holy priest in the confessional.  He mentioned it twice by name.  I had never heard of it, but I thought I would look it up.  Well, the next day I got on the internet and typed into the Google search box, conversations with God.  Usually, if you are close enough to the title, Google will come up with a Do you mean...? and then have the title you are looking for.  But in this case, there was an actual book entitled, Conversations with God.  So I looked at it and found that it was the most horrendous New Age garbage!  I went into a panic, and then a depression.  I figured the smoke of Satan had infiltrated one of the last little sanctuaries of holiness the region. I contacted another priest, and thank God, he put me on the track of the right book.  I was so elated that I was thanking God for the rest of the day.  

All but one haircut accomplished this week!  Just Gabriel left to do.  I even managed to give Bret a trim.  This is very good, as we are attending an Ordination Mass at the Chapel of Divine Mercy tomorrow.  Deacon Joseph Aytona, CPM, will be ordained to the holy priesthood.  Very special for us, as we have watched him from his Novitiate, as a homesick, culture-shocked young man from southern California.  The church will also receive two new temporary Deacons, one of them being Deacon Joseph's younger brother.  You can see them break-dancing in this old video.

The ant invasion reached a crescendo this week, and I think we may have killed a couple hundred one day.  I finally asked God to take control of these beastly things he created.  I told Him that I have no problem with them outside, but that in my house they are making me crazy.  Well, since that day I only seem to be killing a couple dozen a day.  Next on the prayer agenda:  asking God to take control of our summer Brown Recluse problem...

Still on the topic of creepy little things that invade your home, it is fruit fly season.  Take a pretty cup or dish, add about 1/3 cup of cider vinegar, 1/3 cup of water and a few drops of Lemon Joy dish washing detergent.  This will draw the little critters to their deaths.

Oh good grief.  I cut the cloth for skirt of the dress I'm making Una the wrong way.  What a dumb thing to do.  Now I have to hope Walmart still has the same fabric, or the pattern will run upside down on the skirt.  Gee, and I was doing so well...bummer...

After a trip into town to go to Aldi, Walmart (not the one with the fabric, mind you) and the liquor store to get my cheap red wine (gotta love drive-through liquor stores--what an American innovation!), we got back here, did baths, Gabe's haircut (yeah! that makes 5 this week!) and dinner, I have to shower.  So I will cut this short by a take.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I hope the Ordination Mass was lovely. We were all set to come up for it, until I spent part of last night in the hospital with contractions and back pain. I'd much rather be visiting the Fathers of Mercy.

  2. I am just learning to sew and I have done that too. It really is a bummer. whatcha making with your wine?

  3. What am I making with my wine? A glad heart and a happy countenance!

    Seriously, I like a glass or two of seriously adulterated wine (I add crushed ice and cranberry-pomegranate juice) when I am cooking dinner.


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