Monday, May 3, 2010

[Not] Gemma's sweater

Because it fits so well that it will probably be too small by the end of next week.  Oh well...thankfully I have a niece to whom I can pass things on! 
Hmmm...what'll I knit next?  So many patterns, so little time!


  1. SOOOO cute! I love the colors!

  2. Oh, lovely! The pink and yellow look beautiful together. Such talent! As a leftie, I am not sure I could teach myself, and no right-handed family member had the patience when I was growing up! ;)

  3. I'm a leftie, too, Annita! and mostly self-taught...

  4. great lace pattern, great colours, well knit :) cute baby, too!

  5. what. a. darling. baby doll you've got to dress. i love it when they get down on all fours like that...she is getting so big. don't you wish they could stay in certain sweet spots forever. or at least that we could have a remote and fast forward. rewind. and even pause time....sigh.
    love the sweater too.
    and i love it even more that YOU are self-taught.
    it gives me hope!!!

    i so wanted to post monday musings. but it is almost tuesday now...alas, my days are just as filled with BIG kids as yours are with little ones.

    and mine aren't AS cute as gemma most of the time!

    hugs to you!

  6. Just moved to chime in like everybody else and say, "beautiful sweater; and what a sweet baby!"

  7. That Gemma is just edible - what a cute muffin girl. Some envy here at that sweater. The rate I am going I will be 80 before I ever get knitting.


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