Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Musings May 3rd, 2010

Right now...5:50 a.m.  It is getting light and there is quite a mist hanging over everything.  The house is quiet, with only Bret up and having coffee in the living room.

This past weekend...was mostly wet, in case you haven't heard!  On Saturday we headed out into rain and went to a few thrift stores looking for clothes for the kids.  Everything was half-price at Goodwill, so we did pretty well.  I found a new bag for my knitting, and I am delighted with it.

 We watched a wonderful family film on Saturday night, My Louisiana Sky, from Netflix.  I highly recommend it.  It is a coming-of-age story, very sweet, and my mind keeps wandering back to it.

The rain continued all day, all night and all Sunday.  We actually made it to Mass, although we opted to go to Mass a little nearer.  Our way into town wasn't bad, but in town it was a mess, with road closures everywhere.  Which explained why the normally packed 10:30 Mass had only one other family besides ours there, and a grand total of 34 people, including the ushers, altar servers and Father.  It happened to be the Sunday of the month when they have donuts after Mass, so we went home with two boxes of them.

It was rather amazing being in the van in the torrential rain and listening to the radio (turned up LOUD over the noise of the downpour), hearing what a mess there was in the city, in Nashville.  We ourselves encountered no problems whatsoever outside of town, although the creeks were really flowing and a lot of low-lying areas were full of water.

It is funny that last weekend, too, the weather was nice until the weekend, and then nice again once the weekend was past.  I looked ahead at the forecast for this week, and guess what:  no rain all week until Friday!  It just isn't fair...

Some plans for this week:  Praise the Lord, I finally got the spring and summer clothes out and the winter clothing ready to put away.  I had to purchase more plastic containers to store them in (bigger kids=bigger clothes=more space needed for storage), but I hope to get them all out of my work room/dumping ground today and get them in the attic space with help from Bret.  I have finished the cardigan for Gemma and so I am ready for another project, which may be the same cardigan in a larger size, since this one won't fit her for long.  I have a dental appointment on Wednesday, and I am hoping to sit down and fill in some dates on this Memo To Me thing so that I can actually be reminded of things mailing birthday cards on time and when I ought to start certain novenas.  I also will print out some daily planner sheets for my binder from Donna Young.  I didn't purchase a daily planner for 2010, and I regret that.  I tried to make do with a spiral notebook, and it isn't the same...

If I can find some time for myself, I want to... start on the regency period dress for Una.  I had hoped to start last week, but my workroom is so full of winter clothing, Easter things and stuff, that there really is no space for starting any projects.  So, hopefully this week I will at least trace out the pattern onto paper and cut out the pieces.  And I need to finish up Gabriel's confession lapbook with him, seeing as he made his first confession two weeks ago!

Special prayer intentions: for all those who are suffering because of the floods this weekend; for my grandparents, who have not been doing too well.  Prayers for Br. Anthony Stoeppel, who will be ordained to the Order of Deacon for the diocese of Tyler, Texas, on the 15th of May, and for Br. Jewel Aytona, CPM, and Deacon Joseph Aytona, CPM, who will be ordained to the Order of Deacon and to the priesthood respectively on the 29th of May.  We have known Deacon Joseph since his novitiate, so we are particularly excited.  He and his brother, Jewel, are the break-dancers in this video.

Something that makes me smile:  Baby robins.  Photo courtesy of Una.
If you want to borrow the header image and do your own Monday Morning Musings, go ahead  and let me know in the comments so I can read your post.  Link back to mine, if you would.  Have a blessed week!


  1. Happy to read your Monday Morning Musings... I missed your Seven Quick Takes on Friday! How much can you share, right? But, I look forward to your posts.

    We did try the German pancakes yesterday, and they were a hit. Thanks! I am always looking for something kid-friendly as a few of my kids are rather picky (while the others will eat nearly anything). The little ones had fun watching it rise in the oven.

    Have a good week, Nadja. JMJ

  2. I posted a musings again, 2 weeks in a row before noon thankyouverymuch. :) I also linked to you as well. I love the robin picture. Last year we had a nest in the bush just outside our bay window but this year they aren't there. I'm not sure what type of birds they were but they sure were cute, and loud :) Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hey just checing to see if you are keeping dry. Please keep my family in your prayers, they are all in Nashville. Thanks be to God they are not flooded, but none the less it's bad all around them.


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