Friday, March 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 71

After having a "Homeschool Hell" day on Wednesday, when for some reason the kids were especially ornery and seemed to mutiny against my authority, we all took yesterday as a "Mental Health Holiday".  It was wonderful.  Una spent most of the day listening to this on cd from the library and drawing in her room.  Sebastian lay in the livingroom listening to this.  The 20 tales were short enough and interesting enough that even Gabriel listened in as he drew for 5 1/2 hours straight.  Even the little boys managed to get along all day.  It was a miracle.

Home-made yogurt with partially frozen blueberries.  It tastes too decadent to be appropriate Lenten fare.

I've lost track of what number cold we are on now, as they are overlapping.  After two winters in a row with only one or two colds per winter, I got a wee bit spoiled.  Now I am resigned to endless snot and coughs,
putting tissues on every shopping list, and having a saline-dependent baby.  Surrender does bring a certain amount of peace.
The sun is shining!  After what seemed an interminable period of gray, I am hanging cloth diapers on the line again.  And we are even expecting a few days of mild weather.  Spring, don't delay!
I am tired.  Gemma is still nursing every two hours (must be the colds) and I am still spending most of the night on the sofa each night because she likes my side of the bed.  The sofa is comfy and far from wiggly limbs and snoring hubby, but it is the constant interruptions to my sleep that are doing me in.

I am feeling that tinge of panic about Easter.  I haven't planned a thing.  I am still working on making sure every one has something decent to wear, but as far as a menu or baskets or baking or anything else, I haven't done a thing.  I really feel quite lazy in that department, too.  I don't want to do any planning, but I don't want Easter to arrive with me off guard.

Weekend plans:  pick up citrus from the food co-op today (actually from a friend who picks the fruit up for us); do the grocery shopping this afternoon; Stations of the Cross at home this evening.  Tons of ironing tomorrow.  Work on something for my sister's baby to be born on Monday.  Maybe a nature-walk with the kids to look for signs of spring, since the weather will be nice.

Now go and visit Jennifer's Conversion Diary for more Seven Quick Takes, and have a good weekend!

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