Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Morning Musings March 8th,2010

Right now...I feel amazingly well for being so behind in sleep!  It's late for me to be on the computer (6:45), and the house is quiet.

This past weekend...kept me away from any posting.  Dominic and Gemma have another cold, but this one turned out to be a real monster of a cold.  The amount of mucous is such that Dominic was was waking up gagging and retching in in the mornings, and blowing his nose every 10 minutes or so.  Gemma has had a fever of 104 two nights in a row, lower during the day, but it only goes down for the dose of Motrin or Tylenol, and then goes up again.  I have to suction her nose constantly, and she can't seem to eat anything but fruit purees--everything else makes her gag.  Nursing is naturally a struggle as well.  This morning, as I transferred her back from the sleeper sofa where she and I slept last night back to the bedroom, her head seemed cool and her breathing, though stuffy, was through her nose.  Maybe we are on the road to recovery.  This winter has more than made up for the last two when no one got sick more than once or twice all winter!

We are fortunate to have a friend who is a priest (a priest who is a friend?), and even more fortunate that he happened to be back home for a break in his Lenten missions after six weeks on the road.  He called in on Saturday to say hello, and when I told him that I wouldn't be making it to Mass on Sunday, he said he would try to come out to bring me Communion.  He did make the hour drive to our home and I was able to make my confession, get some spiritual direction, have Communion and have my house blessed.  I am beginning this week feeling more peaceful than I have in a long time.

 Some plans for this week:  Besides getting back on track with school, I hope to get a peek at my new niece who will be born some time today!  Of course, that may not happen if I come down with whatever the kids have.  I think it is time to remove the snowflakes from the windows, give the windows a good washing and put up something more spring-like.  I want to browse for some books to put in the kids' Easter baskets, too.

If I can find some time for myself, I want to...continue work on a sweater and hat for my niece!  With the sick baby and all, I knit maybe 4 or 5 rows this entire weekend.  I am a little envious of those creative moms who knit one thing after another.  What I have noticed about them, however, is that most of them have only a few kids, or kids who are not schooled at home, or kids who are old enough to not need much assistance or young enough to not be schooled or who still nap a lot!

Special prayer intentions:  for my sister, who is checked into the hospital as I type this.  For Gemma, who will have to go to the doctor if her temperature goes up again.  For the Fathers of Mercy as they have their busiest time of the year with their Lenten Missions, that they may bring many souls back to God.

Something that makes me smile:  Our baby calf chasing hens around the pasture, Dominic and Adrian addressing our priest friend ("Faddah! Hey, Faddah!"), brand-new pink pocket diapers (on sale, at that!) and the way the sunlight makes everything look wonderful and magical.
Here's wishing you all a blessed week!

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