Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Musings March 22nd, 2010

Right is 6:50, which is rather late for me to be sitting here.  I have gotten out of the habit of rising early since my recent illness, and I really need to start setting the alarm again.

Outside it is very wet and gray.  It rained just about all day yesterday, which was bad for the kids, but very good for the pasture.  We have been having temperatures in the low 60's recently, but today it is only expected to get up into the 40's.  Spring may be here, but March goes back and forth a bit with the temperatures.

This past weekend...was our first weekend ever without Bret here!  He had a really nice, relaxing time at the Men's Retreat, led by Fr. John Trigilio.  We managed nicely here, better than I had expected.  The kids were, for the most part, very cooperative, and we got the chores done and the animals taken care of.  I did the milking, and it wasn't too bad, although it took me longer than it does Bret, as I had to think everything through carefully, to make sure I didn't skip a step.

Some plans for this week:  School, starting a few seeds in starter pots (mostly herbs, but some flowers, too), ordering some chicks for spring (as our laying hens are getting on in years), finishing my niece's sweater and, God willing, a hat and pair of booties as well, and placing a last-minute Amazon order for a few books for the Easter baskets.  I also need to cut Sebastian's hair.  And we need to get to the library for a book on puppy-training...

If I can find some time for myself, I want to...I don't imagine I will have much time for myself this week, but if I do, I want to try to make a few of these adorable snails.

Special prayer intentions:  that Easter will bring with it a blessing for our family and for all those families and individuals who have been suffering great challenges this Lent. 

Something that makes me smile: This little girl smiling and eating again!

I find myself missing your comments, and I am looking forward to hearing from you after Easter!  Have a blessed week.

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