Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy first day of spring!

Bret has been gone for nearly 24 hours, and so far, so good--everyone has been getting on well (thanks in part, no doubt, to some fair weather and outdoor play), the chores are getting done and we had a very smooth afternoon and evening.  After dinner we went for a walk down to the pond to look for signs of spring .

After our walk we came back to the house for dessert, St. Joseph cream puffs with cocoa-flavored whipped cream filling.  Una discovered that she quite a capacity for cream puffs and put away seven of them!  Sebastian felt mildly queasy after two (of course, he had already polished off the leftover whipped cream!).

After that, we processed through the house to do the Stations of the Cross. 

And finally, we settled down to watch the first part of Quo Vadis.  It was a really nice, easy day...

The first day of spring today...I plan to order some organic herb plants and do some knitting.  I hope you have good plans for the day, too!

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