Monday, February 15, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook--February 15, 2010

Outside my window...5:58 a.m., dark, 25 degrees with a fresh dusting of snow over everything.

I am thinking…about what a difference a good confessor makes.  Last week I left the confessional feeling empty and cynical.  Grouchy.  Not at all what I had hoped for in receiving that sacrament, which was that some of the weight would be lifted from my shoulders.  But yesterday I had a confessor who was God's Mercy incarnate.  Gentle, consoling and wise.  Not that he told me what I wanted to hear, really, which is that everything will get better soon, and the blackness will dissipate, but that I mustn't fear the blackness and I must realize that God has not abandoned me.  Funny, when I tried to tell myself this during the week, it made little impression on me.  But from his lips, it was truly as from Christ's.

I am thankful for…confession!  Good priests who really love God's people.  Friends who pray for me.  Gemma being able to nurse last night.  My beautiful kids and strong, capable husband. 

From the kitchen...I'm thinking breakfast burritos...

I am creating…a sweater for my niece, due in March. I need to do some pants for Gemma from cotton or acrylic now, as I am afraid to put her in wool.  Seems she has developed eczema around her thighs and a few spots on her neck.  She starts to scratch as soon as I have her pants off (I actually put socks on her hands for diaper changes!), and I need to get it under control.  I am so bummed about the wool...I love real wool!  And cashmere isn't in the budget!

I am reading ... nothing but my daily scripture reading.  Between the new schedule I am trying to stick to and a little bit of knitting, I have no time to read.

I am get back into our routines after a second week in "survival-mode".  And that I can get Gemma's rash cleared up.  I'm no longer sure what is diaper rash and what is eczema!

I am hearing…blissful nothing.  The calm before the storm...

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Shrove Tuesday and some lessons about Lent.  I have our calender up for Lent (photos forthcoming soon), and we will discuss today and tomorrow what it is we shall do as a family for Lent.  I hope to have time for a blog post on this tomorrow, and maybe bump up some of the stuff from last year.

 I am praying...for God's grace to keep me up even though I feel so weak lately.  I am praying for my sister's family and her baby (to be born in a few weeks); for so many friends in my morning prayers and rosary especially; and for Lent to end with Easter in my soul.

 Picture Thought: Me and my baby girl, who turned 7 months old yesterday.  I am vain enough, to my shame, that I only keep one in a hundred photos my kids take of me, and this one is a keeper!

 Now visit Peggy for more Simple Woman's Daybook entries, and have a blessed week!  (Note: Peggy is posting the blog links on Tuesdays now, but feel free to drop by anyway!)


  1. I know what you mean about a good confessor. Its hard to find.

  2. What a lovely picture. You are glamorous as ever! I am worse with pictures - I only ever like about one a year of myself.

    You are so lucky to have a confessor.

  3. What a beautiful momma! And, of course, Gemma is beautiful, too.

    Try Gentle Naturals for eczema. My children are redheads and blondes... we have our fair share of eczema patches!

    Peace and prayers


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