Thursday, January 21, 2010

Small Successes Vol. 51

1) I got to Confession on Sunday. I am used to going every other week, but between, late starts, sick kids and weather, I hadn't been able to go for a month. To use a slightly crude analogy, going felt like, well, like relieving oneself when one really has to go! It felt so good to get it out!

2) I have a quasi-schedule in place. I'm still tweaking it, for there are still bits and pieces that aren't working (the after-lunch time slot in which I am supposed to fold laundry or mend, for instance, is not happening), but we have stuck to it more or less for the past three days and the best benefit has been less whining and bickering--the kids are kept busy!

3) I have slept in my own bed with Bret and Gemma for three nights now. This isn't really a success, as much as it is Gemma's keeping still and not pushing me into the co-sleeper, but my successes are few this week, and I couldn't think of number three.

God and read more Small Successes on Faith & Family Live, and maybe blow your own horn!


  1. Congrats on a good week.

    Homeschooling six is impressive on its face.

    As such, you may not be touting triumphs that are because you consider them baseline.

    Getting the sacrament is always a victory.

  2. Hurray for being able to go to Confession! I totally relate to the analogy - it DOES feel like that from time to time! :X

  3. Like the first to comment, I strongly suspect you have been quite successful this week!

  4. oooh - love #1!!!!! So awesome no matter when you can go. Much love!!!


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