Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook for 11 January 2010

Outside my window…nearly 6:30. Dark and 41 degrees. Our snow is melting!

I am thinking…school, chores and schedules. I am trying to come up with on that is so all-inclusive and yet flexible that the kids and I will be able to keep it in use for more than a few weeks. It is really daunting, and thankfully I have given myself the whole month to do it.

I am thankful for…coffee. Gemma is still not settling down for the night until 10-10:30, and she nurses once or twice at night, the second time usually just before 3 a.m. Since my alarm is set for 4:30, I rarely get back to sleep. After more than twenty years of rising before 5:30, my internal clock apparently cannot be reset...

From the kitchen...I myself am in the mood for muesli. I'll see if I can get a consensus on that.

I am creating…I finished a new hat and one fingerless glove to put aside for Adrian's birthday next month. Will finish the other glove, hopefully in a couple of days, and move on to a hat/fingerless glove set for Una. Actually--I would love to do some baby mittens for Gemma's cold little hands. And I need to find a nice pattern for a baby sweater or two for my sister's baby girl, due in March. I love knitting!

I am reading ...A Mother's Rule of Life. I have a nice stack of books on my bedside table, but between Gemma wanting to be with me all evening and knitting and scheduling, I haven't any time to read other than a few minutes after morning prayers.

I am hoping...for a peaceful and productive week!

I am hearing…Strife! I've already had to break up a few fights, send Una to her room, threaten to send Dominic to his if he shrieks again or puts banana on Sebastian again, and lock the office door because of the interruptions at 30 second intervals...They do this anytime they believe I am too occupied to intervene.

A few plans for the rest of the week: make an appointment to have my hair trimmed (maybe Gabe's, too, as it's so thick and I hate cutting it!), cut Sebastian's hair; work on the schedule; go to the library, figure out what to get Adrian for his birthday next month. I need to reassess my menu plan and look at what is in the pantry and freezer, and work with that.

I am praying...for work for Bret. He has that third altar to do, but there are things holding up that project temporarily, and so there is a bit of a lull right now. He will be finishing up a shed for my sister, but then there isn't anything thereafter. I guess he can use the time to work on our bathroom and fix Gemma's crib (she's getting big for the co-sleeper and for our bed)!

Picture Thought: Gemma Apple-Cheeks in a new lavender hat. Now you can visit Peggy for more Daybook entries. Have a blessed week!


  1. Hi Nadja! In spite of my continuous love for creative writing, this is my first venture in the realm of blogging. When I listed a few of my extensive interests, yours was one of the first blogs to pop up with similarities. Well, I had to stop by and check you out. To say the least, you are a true inspiration! Despite your overwhelming and busy life, you make it all look so easy and wonderful. God has truly blessed you in all aspects. Needless to say, I will be visiting often to learn more from you and your incredible family. I hope to have some of my own blogs started soon and hope that you will visit there also. May God continue to shower you all with an abundance of blessings now and always.


  2. That's the problem i have with any schedule I write for myself, making it flexible enough that it still holds together when things go a little wrong.

  3. Thank you, Chris! Remember that what you see on the blogs is what people choose to reveal about themselves and their lives, which may present a distorted view. I try to be honest and up-front about my flaws and weaknesses, but yes, I do feel that in spite of difficulties we have been blessed!

  4. Hi Nadja, I only have a minute, but I had to comment immediately on Gemma. I broke into such a smile when I scrolled down and saw that picture! I will try to come back later and read your post more carefully... we are back to school full-time, which leaves me very little personal time! Loved, loved the picture! ~~Annita

  5. I enjoyed reading your daybook. In reference to "I am hearing": Even my cat does that. If I am on the phone talking, he'll come up in the chair or into my lap and start meowing.
    Have a great week.
    Mama Bear

  6. Nadja, I hope you can find a way to get more sleep. Marin is still in the bed with me, so she does quite often nurse once during the night (more if she is sick or teething). I just try to remind myself that other mother's are getting sketchy sleep, too, and try to offer it up. Hard to do, though, when you are consistently getting a poor night's sleep. I can handle the nursing interruptions since I, thankfully, always black right back out... just wish I could figure out how to get more than six hours a night!

    Prayers for Bret and work. Thanks for sharing about the fighting children. Despite being a "seasoned" parent, it is still easy for me to think that my kids are the only (homeschool) kids who fight (a lot!).

    Have a good evening... a good school week. Our first day back went smoothly until my 7-year-old had a meltdown after dinner. Daddy is back to traveling now that the holidays are over, and she is my sensitive one who feels his absence. JMJ

    P.S. This is too long... sorry!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your daybook. I enjoyed reading about your day. And what a very sweet picture :-)


  8. i kept meaning to say that her face in that hat is TOO precious. she looks so darling in it. there is nothing quite like baby knits.


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