Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Panis gratia artis

I could really be butchering the Latin there, but "Bread for Art's sake" is what I'm going for. This is what happens when your loaf has delusions of artistic grandeur. Behold the loaf:


  1. LOLOLOL!!! Next time someone tells me about their potato that looks like Walt Disney...I'll be ready with "well I know someone who bakes bread-NUDE bread!" (and yes I had to reword that a couple of times before I got the bread nude instead of..nevermind)

    Does one say congrats??

  2. With children hanging over my shoulders, we started laughing before we even scrolled down! Will you be eating it, or will we see it on Fox News?! :-)

  3. Really, it began as a round loaf with a deep '+' cut into it, and it sort of exploded in the oven!

  4. Guffaw!!! I think we ought to all send the kids off with their daddies, and meet at Nadja's house and bake bread. Or would that be a near occasion of sin? ; )


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