Thursday, December 3, 2009

Small Successes --Volume 45

1) Advent preparations: I took down the two creches (one for the dining room and another for the "altar" in my bedroom) from the attic crawlspace, put up our German Advent calender, and created a snowstorm of bits of white paper making paper snowflakes with the kids to put in the windows, which is a tradition in this house, and I found images on Google of all the significant saints and feasts in December, printed them out and posted them on our bulletin board. We have been praying a novena for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception after our rosary each evening and I have added the St. Andrew chaplet to my bedtime prayers.

2) I am on the second half of a knit pair of longies for Gemma. I also took a long-sleeved T-shirt which Una had outgrown and sewed up a quick pair of pants for her yesterday.

3) I ordered a steam mop! I have been griping about my horrible floors forever (they look like they need mopping just about every other day!), and my mom did the research, found the best price for the highest rated steam mop, and then gave me money for my birthday to cover it. It should arrive sometime in the next few days. Marilyn swears by hers, so I am hoping it will prove to be a boon to my housekeeping arsenal.

Now, head over to Faith and Family Live, and enjoy some more small successes, or share your own!


  1. Must see pictures of the longies when you're done!! FUN! I love knitting.

  2. Happy Advent! You sound productive!
    I am so glad that my 16 y/o daughter likes to help with all the crafts and activities that I have planned... as usual, I planned too much! I am glad that I can count on her help as I am not as talented as you! Peace and prayers


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