Monday, September 14, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for September 14th

Outside my window…5:57 and 65 degrees. Faint glow on the eastern horizon. The chirring of insects and a few early birds chirping. Such peace! In a short while the rule of the day will be noise and chaos until bedtime tonight!

I am thinking…about my recent loss of peace. Maybe it is still hormones at nearly 9 weeks postpartum, but I seem to be anxious about so many things lately. Jesus, I trust in you!

I am thankful for…the important-but-frequently-overlooked things. Family and friends. No serious health problems, food on the table and a good roof over our heads. The beauty of the view behind our house. Our Catholic faith and God's constant support.

From the kitchen...Blueberry muffins and canned pears

I am creating…Una's sweater. I am done with the back and have started the left front.

I am reading… other than my Bible, I have been reading the library books I checked out on Australia (for geography) and ancient Egypt (for history). The stack of books I want to read and my wish list on Amazon keeps growing!

I am hoping...for a productive week with time for some of the fun stuff!

I am hearing…Now I hear crows making a distant racket, and Gabe is in the living room quietly playing with Megablocks. It is always quiet until a second child awakens!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I did get my laundry soap and playdough done last week. This week I have lesson plans to work on, a huge pile of ironing and mending (the mending seems to never get done!), and some pre-planning for Christmas--gift idea list and Christmas card list. I'd like to make another batch of granola and more yogurt, and bake some bread--which I haven't done since late in my pregnancy with Gemma!

I am praying...for peace and calm. For that spirit of joy and peace that seems to elude us during the school week. For my sister and my nephew, and for my good friends and the challenges they are facing this week, whatever they may be.

A Picture Thought: For the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. I love the detail of a carved ivory corpus.Now visit Peggy's for more Daybook entries. Have a good week!

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