Friday, September 11, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 50

Tallying the week's successes against the week's failures, I would say that the week was mostly a success. We got the schooling done for the most part, and I stuck with the meal plan and kept up with laundry. The greatest failure was the little boys. They get so noisy that I have to banish them from the room, and I feel like I am just shoving them out of range all morning until the major work is done. I have tried to find quiet activities for them, but even coloring and sculpting quickly become contact sports for them, and noisy ones at that.

I hate Christmas shopping. We live in a rural area and our budget is tight, so this means doing a lot of online shopping and trying to get the best deals on shipping. I probably should have started months ago, but with the beginning of school and a new baby, I just didn't.

It is rather sad that I don't like the whole Christmas hullabaloo anymore. I love the feast, and I love Advent. I love Mass at Christmas, too. But since I am in charge of shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating and writing cards--everything, in fact, other than putting the tree in the stand--it just becomes an additional burden and I have to fight myself not to come across as Scrooge. We really don't have an overwhelming Christmas and do much less than other folks (no real exterior decorating, gifts only for immediate family, etc.), but it still seems too much for me.
In my less noble moments I have been known to remind the kids that if anything ever happens to me, there will be no more Christmas...

This year I promise to remember Gabriel's birthday. With all the Christmas and Advent to-do, I have often made Gabe's birthday, stuck between Thanksgiving and Christmas as it is, an afterthought. This year I will remember to plan for it.

I am already looking ahead to Gemma outgrowing her co-sleeper, and I feel sad. I wish I could keep her in our room for many more months. Our bed is not a long-term option, as it is a full-sized mattress and Bret and I have semi-permanent stiff necks and shoulders as is from sleeping on our sides with Gemma. But she is so sweet, and has become a pretty good sleeper.

I'm feeling a bit crabby this morning and have to fight it. We are all called to become saints, and saints don't let their crabby moods affect everyone around them. I'll try to gripe only to God. Mentally. With a forced smile on my face.

Today, 9/11, is the fourth anniversary of Una's First Holy Communion. Wasn't she lovely? Do you think I'm happy to have another little girl? Yep!

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  1. Your daughter is lovely!

    And I agree with you about Christmas: it's such a wonderful holiday, but such a difficult job.

  2. Christmas shopping? Are you kidding? I actually checked to see if I'd clicked on a quick takes from, I don't know, late November of last year or something.

    Ugh. This was almost cruel. . . .

  3. darling girl. she looks so sweet! and i agree with you too! i wish we could just do away with it all as far as being a "secular" holiday. i am so done with it.


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