Friday, September 4, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--volume 49 again (what's up with that, Jen?)

We went to a First Friday Mass today for the first time. Bret has been self-employed since the end of February, so why we have only started now is a mystery to me. I just didn't think about it. Pregnancy and postpartum-brain, I guess. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and hope to continue.

Coming home from the library yesterday, I rested my elbow on a yellow jacket that had somehow gotten into the van, and got stung. The sting wasn't too horribly painful until today--the whole arm felt sore from shoulder to wrist. It is beginning to feel a bit better now.

Met another homeschooling mama yesterday at the library. We had that "instant recognition" thing happen when we saw one another, both of us wearing our babies. And we both are Christian, have our babies at home, raise food animals, moved to the country from the city and use cloth diapers. Spooky...

I am roasting chickens for tomorrow's chicken curry dinner in honor of Blessed Mother Teresa. We are having a meatless pasta dish tonight, but the smell of the roasting birds is driving me mad with hunger.

Speaking of Mother Teresa, the Fathers of Mercy are going to have a free one day retreat celebrating the life of Bl. Mother Teresa on November 7th, 2009. If you are anywhere in the area, this promises to be a really nice event. The conferences are always wonderful, and the
Chapel and grounds are really lovely. Plan to come if you can!

Gemma dozed off at 9:40 last night and slept until 2:30 without waking, and I slept as well. This was good since we all had to leave the house at 7:20 for Mass. I feel almost normal today!

I got my menu plan made up for the next four weeks! I feel so good about this. I didn't bother with breakfast and lunch because I can work that out pretty quickly (it is always pretty much the same things around here), but just having the dinners worked out is a big weight off my shoulders. I can't imagine anyone who homeschools getting by without at least a dinner plan.

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  1. I do a weekly meal plan and have no idea how I ever got by before I started doing so. You are right that it is a life saver.

  2. Maybe if I come here first on Fridays for quick takes I'll get reminded not to make a meat meal -- I lose track! Is being a flake sinful?

    Of course, if I just planned my meals. . . . .


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