Thursday, August 13, 2009

Small Successes, Vol. 30

1) I made about 5 lbs of my favorite granola, which is just about my favorite breakfast, served up with home-made yogurt and raw honey from our local Mennonite community.

2) I actually made a bit of headway on my lesson plans for the coming year. Still have much to do, however...

3) I received my Daily Catholic Bible from Sacred Heart Books and Gifts and have begun to read it daily as part of my morning prayer-time. I have done this in the past, but having a set Scripture reading for each day makes it easier and hopefully I will stick to it. I have had as much success with reading Scripture as I've had with most exercise programs, which is not saying much.

Bonus #4: Have been using cloth diapers (Chinese prefolds and Proraps covers) for Gemma for two weeks now, and not only am I getting the hang of it, I really enjoy it! I am thinking that All-In-Ones may be a better option for older, more wiggly babies, however...

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  1. You know, reading the bible is something I've been discerning I need to do. (That said, I haven't actually done anything about doing it.) So good for you.

    And I'll admit, I'm REALLY impressed with your use of cloth diapers. Really!

    Good for you on all of these! :)

  2. Great job with the prayer time in the morning! That just sets a great tone to the day.

    Also, I am so glad you are happy with cloth diapers. I have used them for 3 yrs now and love them!

  3. ooooh, what a great list!! Yeah for #1, GREAT job for #2 - such hard work, and I love your wit and honesty of #3....I'm so there with you!!

    Great week! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. yay for you!
    that granola sounds yummy! i haven't made any in eons.
    might try it now that you've inspired me.
    i am reading the Bible too, i am slowly reading thru genesis along with my practical commentary on holy scripture. i am not in any real hurry. just trying to savor it as i go.
    lesson plans are on my agenda this week too.
    but unfortunately i have a few things planned that will probably get in the way.
    i guess i should get off of the computer, eh?


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