Monday, June 15, 2009

Outside my window…a humid, dew-drenched morning, our cow and heifer grazing, their cowbells gently clanging as they eat.

I am thinking…about the beautiful Corpus Christi Mass at the Fathers of Mercy yesterday and Saturday's ordination to the temporary diaconate of Br. (now Deacon) Joseph Aytona, CPM. I lost count of how many priests were present, but it was delightful to see so many. Yesterday's Mass was a Novus Ordo in Latin. Also thinking about our summer school plans. A very light schedule, but I do need to put it on a schedule rather than "winging it" as I have been doing for the last week. It is too easy to put off if I don't put it on paper.

I am thankful for…SLEEP! I actually had a good 8 hours last night after three nights of dreadful insomnia with less than 3 decent hours a night. I was beginning to feel really badly--shaky and light-headed--by yesterday afternoon. And for the prayers of my friends for this pregnancy...

From the kitchen...Muffins and vanilla yogurt.

I am creating…still on the wool soaker. I sort of put aside the knitting for the last week or two. I have been too busy to sit and knit much.

I am reading… Last night it was Countryside Magazine. I do enjoy it!

I am hoping…for no more sleepless nights until after Gemma's birth!

I am hearing…birds. And Nuala's cowbell as she chews.

A few plans for the rest of the week…summer school plans to be put to paper, a couple of meals put in the freezer, order my cloth diapers. I have an appointment with the OB today...

The children are...asleep, with the exception of Early Bird Gabriel. He is quietly playing on the sofa.

A Picture Thought: A goofy shot of Nuala. She is such a sweetie...I couldn't have picked a better cow temperament-wise!

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  1. Wow is a Novus Ordo in Latin lovely. We are looking at Latin mass v's Novus Ordo( we are from High Church Anglican background to Catholic over 2.5 years ago) and can't find the reverence and beauty we used to have, in the way Mass is celebrated in our parish.
    God Bless


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