Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Geriatric Obstetrics

At the OB appointment yesterday

Me: On this form for the lab work, "High Risk" is checked. Is that just because of my age?

OB: Yes, we consider anyone over the age of 35 a high risk pregnancy.

Me: I've had all my kids at over the age of 35.

OB: (Breaking into a goofy grin) Yes, I noticed that. Got a bit of a late start, didn't you?

Me: I'm making up for it.

Hasn't the man read Aesop? I was about to mention that the Tortoise, too, got a late start, but I thought better of it--he may have come back with something about my resembling the Hare in terms of fertility...

**sigh** I'll be glad to switch to my midwife in the last few weeks...I don't feel like such a curiosity with her, as she delivers babies for lots of big families and older mamas. And she never asks me, "So, do you think you'll be done after this one?"


  1. I happily found an OB that delivers for lots of big Catholic families. After my last six week check up he asked me how many months were between our kids. When I told him about 20, he did some mental calculations, patted my leg, smiled,and said, "I'll see you this summer."

  2. I believe they call it advanced maternal age:)

  3. In medical terms you (and me) are "elderly grand multiparas" - over 35 and given birth several times!!!

    Thank God I have a lovely Catholic OB who is so used to older mothers - no pressure for blood tests etc

    I am laughing at your little conversation.


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