Thursday, February 12, 2009

A few things that would not be, were I not the mother of boys

1. I would not scour the thrift-shop aisles for super-hero T-shirts.

2. I would not be enlisted to tie shoelaces into nooses so that my sons can lynch their stuffed animals.

3. I would not be singing the Spider-Man theme song while folding laundry.

4. I would not be searching for and printing out tank coloring pages.

5. I would not ever, ever knit with camouflage yarn.


  1. O, I hear ya!

    The noises, the smells (one related to the other), the constant wrestling....sigh....

  2. And we love you all the more for it!!!

    Have you seen the K'nex simple machines materials from Timberdoodle?? SOOOO boy-I don't think anyone here has figured out they are educational yet! They are spendier than a lot but soo worth it--the bridges that come with are pure GRAVY!

  3. I hear ya! Superhero shirts (thrifted), action figures (from garage sales, mostly), and their theme songs are a big part of my life, too!

  4. Dandelionmom, I'd never heard of K'nex, but boy-oh-boy do they ever look like what I imagine Sebastian's insides to look like! He would love that stuff. Yes, it's pricey, but maybe I can find some on eBay sometime. I also worry about all the small bits...I keep busy enough trying to keep Dominic from sucking on his siblings' marbles and such...


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