Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Possibly very bad news for thrifty moms...

Have you heard anything about HR4040, the Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008? Apparently it went into effect yesterday, but I live in a media-void and only read about it on this blog this morning. I buy no clothing but socks, stockings and underwear (and occasionally shoes) new, so this could be bad news...

Of course, this is also really, really bad news for the makers of handmade anything--and so many of us love the look, feel and quality of items that have been lovingly made by hand. Here is a resource for finding out what we can do to help.

[edited to add: enforcement will now be delayed until February 10, 2010 but the guidelines remain in effect]


  1. As I understand it, only the portion of the law covering the requirements for testing products has been suspended. The rest is still in effect. Many thrift stores, used book stores, and craft businesses are already shutting their doors since they cannot afford the testing that would be required in order to comply with the law and with out testing cannot otherwise prove that their items are in compliance with the law.

  2. I wonder what was up when the dollar store was having a sale!!!
    getting rid of stuff so they will not have to have it all tested.


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