Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ugly weather

I am happy to report that Una's mouth is once again in fine form, although minus a tooth. The offending tooth was a baby tooth, already loose, but the root was not dissolving as it ought to have and that was causing the pain. The dentist removed it and all has been well since.

We are having really ugly weather. Yesterday was windy and rainy and cold. Not pleasant. And I was too tired to engage the kids in creative pursuits after school, so they watched videos through the better part of the afternoon. I am lees fond of winter than I was before having children. A bunch of kids with cabin fever is no fun, especially a house full of young boys!

On a brighter note, I made butter for the first time since last summer. The calf is off of Nuala now, so she no longer holds back the cream. And we have gallons that are one-third cream. Luxury.


  1. whoa!!! they hold back the cream???!? how do they do THAT?? Is MY cow doing that?? I will have more cream later??? Not THAT much I know--you have the cream-of-the-crop cow for cream-mine is a skim-milk cow but I will be happy with more!!

  2. Whoa, yeah they hold back the cream! they can do it because it is in the hind milk. First comes the thin, thirst-quenching stuff, then the high-calorie stuff (same is true of just about every mammal, by the way). Until we keep the calf away from the cow completely, we never see more than an inch of cream. Now I am able to skim nearly a quart of cream off and still leave some behind.

    Nuala is good with the cream, but not a high producer. Even when the spring grass is at its best she never gives more than two gallons. We milk once a day, mornings.

  3. WOW!! I can't wait!! We get a little more than 2 gal a day- but we leave the calf on and just seperate them at night for a morning milking--by hand (my 2 girls-one per side Amish-style :D) each of my 1/2 gal jars has maybe 2 in of cream on top-but it is the skinny top part of the jar :D


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