Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's always something, isn't it?

My dear husband was terribly ill last night. He has had a cold (caught from the kids) for about a week. It doesn't help that before leaving at 6 a.m. for his cabinet-shop job he is out in all kinds of weather feeding the animals and milking the cow. Last night after dinner he started to feel cold and couldn't warm up. He took a couple of acetominophen feeling that he was getting a temperature. I gave him some tea, which helped warm him up a bit and got him through our family Rosary, but afterward his teeth were chattering again. We got everyone to bed, and he crawled under the down comforter with a heating pad.

The acetominophen, two hours later, hadn't done much. He got a full-fledged fever, over 103 degrees. I prayed to the Blessed Mother and St. Raphael, and gave him a dose of homeopathic belladona (for fevers, especially those with a sudden onset). And I went to bed, still praying.

God is good. Whenever I woke up last night I would touch his head, and it was cool. I'm hoping that he'll have the good sense to stay home from work today even if the fever is gone, but men can be pretty hard-headed.

I may have to turn Nuala out with her calf to nurse her...I don't know that I could handle the milking. The surge milker we have is heavy enough empty, and it's been over a year since Bret gave me a lesson in using it. I could milk by hand, but I may be out in the barn for hours...

I need some of my boys to get big and strong in a hurry!


  1. Saying an AVE for you, hope he feels better!

  2. I wish I could send one of my boys over to help you right now.

  3. I hope he feels better soon too-it always feels worse in cold weather doesn't it?

    To turn the calf back with her so soon after the cream starts must be hard too...I'd love to see how you make butter BTW :D

  4. That hard-head to whom I am married said he felt okay and insisted on milking. Then he said he was going to go in to work. I told him that he was going to the doctor, that if the fever and illness came back worse than before, I simply could not handle the kids, the schooling, the house, the holidays AND the farm animal without him. I told him he could scold me if the visit to the doctor was a waste of time.


    BTW, Dandelionmom, maybe I'll do a little butter-making tutorial one day. But you can check out the Keeping a Family Cow forum on my sidebar. In the food section I think someone already did a tutorial on butter.

  5. So, how's your man now, Nadja? Did he see the doctor? Is he feeling any better? I too am saying an Ave for you

    Hope all is well.

    Nighty night.


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