Friday, December 19, 2008

It's butter twice a week now...

Nuala is giving us cream! At least a quart to every gallon, but I only skim off about 3 cups and leave a bit on the milk. It's so nice. Our last cow, Matilda, was a "low-cal" cow and never had more than an inch or two of cream on the milk. The kids love as a treat a small dish of thick top-cream with sugar on it, even when there is no summer fruit with which to eat it. Makes me feel rich.


  1. droooool... We used our seperator for the first time yesterday and got a lot more cream than we normally would -but didn't like the milk after! tasted too much like the whole milk from the store LOL

  2. I just use a small ladle to take the cream off. A separator is a little too efficient!

    Every once in a while I will shake up a half-gallon and taste's like drinking Half & Half...Yum...


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