Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm still here

Sorry about keeping away from this ol' blog. I just am trying to catch up with everything. Here's the update: cards are all out but for four or five local ones; gifts are wrapped but for tags and ribbons. Tree is outside awaiting trimming by Bret. Will be working on cookies from now until Monday in all likelihood. Bathrooms and floors are a disaster, but will have to stay like that until Wednesday. School? Well, let' just say we are concentrating on religion, crafts and "life skills" for now...

Thank God that there are twelve days of Christmas! I would hate to get this worked up in anticipation of just one single day! We live in the south, where most folks put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and take it down on the 26th (by which time, if it is a real tree, it will be without needles, having left them in a trail from the livingroom to the sidewalk). We get ours up usually a few days before Christmas, but then it stays up often beyond Epiphany (my German mother swears the Christmas season officially ends on the Purification of Mary, but I won't keep the tree up that long!).


  1. We're trying something different this year in an attempt to more clearly mark the end of Advent and the beginning of the Christmas season. We're going to wait to put up our tree until Christmas Eve. Well, actually we're going to put it up and get the lights on it on Tuesday, then decorate it and turn on the lights on Christmas Eve. We've got fun and games planned for that whole day. The kids didn't like the idea at first, but now they're starting to get excited about it. So am I!

    I'm glad to hear that all is well with you and that you're nearly caught up on your Christmas preparations. Hope the rest of your Advent is happy and blessed.

    : )

  2. My mom is German, and they always put up the tree--and decorated it, complete with real beeswax candles--on Christmas Eve. I would like to do it as you are doing it this year, and it may turn out that way as things are going right now!


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