Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Old Blog...

...was getting dull. Especially on the new, wide monitor. And then I saw the new look of Old Woman's blog at A Broader Mark, and I found out where she got the template and I picked one for myself. Not too bad, eh?


  1. clean, classy, understated--now...where did I leave my rake?? :D

  2. Oooooh...I'm getting dizzy...

    I'm just gonna have to scroll slowly. Either that or break out the masking tape (take a look at this morning's post on my blog for clarification).

    Ohhh, I'm just teasin' you, friend. It's a lovely new look. Very nice, indeed!

    P.S. Ignore Dandeliommom. I think she's just a little jealous of the spiffin' up we've been doing. :D


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