Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is Knitting More Macho Than Crocheting?

Okay, I grew up in Munich, and Munich has a wonderful mass-transit system. There's the S-Bahn, the U-Bahn (train and subway), buses, streetcars and taxis. It was affordable, clean, went just about anywhere and was on time to the minute. I used it frequently growing up, and it was there I became accustomed to seeing men knitting.

I'll admit, after living in this country for over two decades now it does seem a little odd, but it shouldn't be. Knitting is a very calming, meditative activity, and it keeps ones hands from being idle. However, I do not recall ever seeing men crocheting. Why is that? Is it the implement that makes the difference? Perhaps the lance-like needles have more masculine appeal than the hook, although as I recall, iron hooks have played a nasty part in the history of torture. Maybe crocheting merely needs an image makeover, something to give it a bit of "edginess", and I have just the man in mind to do the job right here:

Actually, it really takes a bit of the edge off of Captain Hook, doesn't it...?

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