Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'll slow down after the new year...

...but until then, I'm keeping a pretty frantic pace.

I finally printed out a few planner pages (thank you,, for all the printable calender and planner pages I could ever use) today because the jumble of things I need to do in the next two months was causing some severe sleep deprivation.  Putting the mess on paper got it out of my head so that I can sleep at night.  Yesterday afternoon, as I began to fade out after only 3 hours of sleep the night before, I decided to make coffee.  Generally I drink one mug of half-caff in the morning and that's it.  Well, I brewed up half a pot of very strong Ethiopian coffee and drank three mugs the size of a soup bowl (thanks, Annita, for the new mug--it'll be handy for morning coffee or soaking my tired feet in).  I got pretty wired; Una said I was vibrating...

Much of what's on my mind is related to Christmas.  Making things for the shop and for the kids.  I finally finished these little pocket gnome-babies and got them listed in the shop, with a couple put aside for Gemma and my niece.  I think they turned out well, the proof being that my boys, right up to my soon-to-be 12 year old, all love them and ask, "Can you make one for me?")

I'm sharing this on Keep Calm, Craft On {Crafting On}, on Frontier Dreams and Creative Friday on Natural Suburbia.  So...what are you working on for Christmas?


  1. They are absolutely adorable! And I know what you mean - I went to bed at 4am last night! Too much to think about and plan in the leadup to Christmas. I think I will follow your lead and get it all planned out.

  2. It really helps! Since putting the chaos on paper, I feel less panicky about the coming weeks!

  3. I always write everything down... I have since I was in high school. Otherwise, I am anxious and cannot relax. My kids tease me about it, but it works for me... and, I am noticing that the ones who are older now, are doing the same! :) The baby gnomes are precious... great stocking stuffers! <3

  4. We got in our gnome in a pouch. It is beautifully made. Thank you! I can not wait to give it to her. When she saw the picture, she kept hugging the phone and sawing baby.


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