Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yarn Along--down to the wire

I am joining Ginny again this week for her Wednesday Yarn Along.

I finished binding off the bottom of Adrian's Henley last night in bed, after having put it aside for about a week in order to make a couple of pairs of felted slippers which are to be gifts (sorry, can't show you those yet!).  I still have to sew the leather soles onto the slippers.

I want to cast on a collar/neck warmer as a gift for another person...and yes, I know how close we are to Christmas, thank you very much.

My rather pathetic local library (pathetic if you have ever lived in a big city and had access to real libraries) never seems to have any of the books I am interested in reading, so my options are either to buy them used on Amazon or eBay, or to wait for them to come to me through the inter-library loan system.  I waited three weeks for this one, How Children Learn.  I am just barely into it, but already enjoying the writing of a man who finds young children not just entertaining and adorable, but interesting.  My mom is sadly of the opinion that babies, toddlers and young children are just sort of blobs until they can have a mature conversation with you.  I very happily do not share this distaste, and I find children a wonder at every age so far (I say "so far" because my oldest is only 12).

Are you doing gift-knitting right down to the wire?


  1. I am knitting a present to my husband. this hat http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/windschief
    in Mosaic Moon.
    Your blog is so inspiring. Thanks!

  2. Wow! My kids are 9, 5, and 3 and they have definite personalities and I learn from them all the time and I've had very mature (and surprising) conversations and insights from all of them. I'm sorry that she has that attitude, here's hoping that one of them will totally astonish her and she'll be enlightened.

  3. The pullover you are knitting looks amazing and the colour is wonderful! Hope you are well.

  4. You DO have many handmade gift projects at your fingertips (I can't wait to see those felted slippers too). -heather

  5. hmm...i have checked out that book before and didn't read it in time...maybe it is time to try again. the sweater looks great!


  6. We have a teeny tiny library but you can get ebooks, have you checked their website (if they have one). Love the deep brown color of the sweater :)

  7. Well, I have read some books by John Holt. I am not always the most patient parent, but I love children. I love watching them... how they think, how they react to things... I think they are amazing, and I think we lose a lot when we become adults... really. I like the wisdom and maturity that comes with age, but I have learned so much about EVERYTHING by watching my children. I really believe they have made me a better person. My parents were good parents, but I am not sure that they really enjoyed us. Maybe... I don't know.

    Well, dear friend, I'm a wannabe knitter with no time and a leftie at that (not as gifted as you, a leftie who self-taught), but I can at least admire your work and comment on your reading! Peace and prayers, Annita +JMJ+

  8. Hi Annita,
    I enjoy my kids A LOT. In fact, I don't know what the heck I'm going to do for entertainment when they are all grown!

    Swanski, I chose that rich brown to match the recipient's eyes. They are a beautiful, rich, chocolate brown.

  9. I'm absolutely knitting down to the wire! In fact, I just got my yarn order for a Phoebe sweater in today - small chance of getting it finished but will soldier on ;).
    And I feel your library pain, as we're in the same boat here in Little Rabbit. I think our poor library had 13 books at last count.
    Good luck with your knitting & merry Christmas!

  10. My dad likes kids after they can throw rocks. Good luck with your Christmas knitting.

  11. Stacy...
    Hmm. Has your dad ever explained this unusual criteria to you?

  12. No Christmas knitting on my plate this year. :(

    Who needs tv when you have children especially two year olds!

    I'll check to see if our silly library has that one; doubt it and we live in a larger city.


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