Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Musings--November 8th, 2010

Right Now...6 a.m. and just getting light.  The house is very quiet, but I expect things to start happening at any moment.  Remember, kids' internal clocks do not change automatically with the movements of Daylight Savings Time.

This Weekend...was exhausting.  Thursday afternoon was spent stocking up on groceries at Aldi and Walmart.  On Friday I had an appointment with an ENT, who did another culture (results will take about a week to get back) and gave me a prescription for something to try in the meantime, and who recommended that I eat a lot more of my homemade yogurt!  Afterwards we went to a thrift store and I found a couple of pairs of jeans that actually fit me and another pair for Una.  In the afternoon I managed to mop floors--with Gemma in the Ergo, as she didn't want to be put down.

On Saturday I went over Una's schoolwork with her (I had missed doing it on Friday), stripped Una's bed and washed the bedding, then I baked bread, trimmed Bret's hair and gave Dominic, Adrian and Gabriel cuts, had Una dust and wipe down the kitchen cabinets, made soup and welcomed my mother-in-law, bathed the baby and knit for a while before turning back the clocks and turning in for the night.

Sunday we went to Mass and we all got to go to confession.  After Mass, we were asked by some good friends whose baby is due any time now to be her Godparents, which was a wonderful gift!

The evening brought such a scare:  Gemma managed to get up onto the dining room table and just as I turned around, she fell, landing on the back of her head.  She cried, and I freaked out.  I gave her homeopathic arnica and a dose of ibuprofen for good measure, applied an icepack and died a thousand deaths when she refused to be consoled by white chocolate chips or playing with the phone.  She hadn't had a nap, so she wanted very much to doze off, and I couldn't let her.  I was hit by an inspiration and remembered the frozen fruit bars in the freezer.  Two of those were enough to keep her awake and make her happy again.  As of this writing, she seems fine, but I am sure I will be forcing her to stay in the Ergo all day nervous for the next couple of days.  She slept well in the Pack n' Play beside my bed (I roused her just a bit every couple of hours) and I am pretty sure all is well with her--thank you, Blessed Mother!--but she will be sleeping with her head resting on a first class relic of St. Gemma Galgani for a few more nights.

Some Plans for the, naturally.  And I really need to get on the ball and come up with a few more ideas for the kids' Christmas gifts.  There is so much junk out there!  And the really good stuff is so darned pricey!  We don't go overboard, but we like to have two or three individual gifts for each child, and then a few that are for all the kids together (a DVD, for instance, or a board game).  I still need to schedule dental visits for me and for the kids.

If I Get Some Time for Myself, I Want to...spend time chatting with Bret's mom and working on my knitting.  I also want to look around at some Advent/Christmas crafts.

Some Prayer Intentions for this Week...that Gemma is 100% fine so that I can finally stop beating myself up for my negligence; for my sister and her family, that their current difficulties will abate; for the parents of our Goddaughter-to-be, that her birth will be soon and without a hitch.

Something That Makes Me Smile:  my sleepy, bed-head, 5 year-old with his "cigars and whiskey" voice--always worst in the morning--asking me for a cup of coffee, although he knows I always say no (I do sometimes heat up some milk and put in half a teaspoon of instant decaf and some sugar...).

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  1. So glad that Gemma is okay! I was looking this morning for an update on her! It is always scary when a child hits their head.

    Boy, you had a very full and busy weekend! Rest Mama... enjoy your MIL's visit!

    God bless

  2. Don't blame yourself about Gemma. Kids do the craziest things. Max fell head first off our rocking chair at about 18 months and I nearly died of anxiety. The doctor assured me that kids are very flexible and that he would be fine. I will say a prayer for you to have your fears calmed and for her health.

  3. My Jacob and Allyson toppled themselves over in a shopping cart in a Bed, Bath and Beyond when Allyson was about 2. I lost sleep for a few days over that one. Little kids are so busy, you can't blame yourself for it at all.

    I hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Thanks! Adrian and Gabriel both had awful falls on our schoolroom floor, which is linoleum over concrete (it used to be the carport). Gabe was dizzy for all the next day, but was fine after that. Man, I am going gray fast these days!

  5. Wow, what a busy couple of days. Sorry to hear about little Gemma. It's so scary when they bump their heads.
    Gemma is such a beautiful name by the way :)

  6. We also have a 1st class of St. Gemma -- and so love her for a patron. Grateful that your little Gemma is OK! What a scare!


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