Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Musings--November 22, 2010

Right is 5:38 a.m. and dark outside.  The house is quiet.  I have a stuffy nose.

This weekend...was a little less hectic than normal, which is good, seeing as the coming two weeks will be crazy-busy with Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law's departure, a wedding, a likely baptism, a birthday and the first Sunday of Advent.  The kids and I pretty much hung around and took care of business.  They helped Bret load the manure spreader and he fertilized part of the pasture.  He also took some time to work on a few things in his shop.  There is an Etsy shop in our future, I think.  I finished knitting a little hat and started another.

Yesterday we went to the Chapel of Divine Mercy for Mass, stopped at Wal-Mart for a few things on the way home, had pizza for dinner, and watched episodes of Keeping Up Appearances from Netflix until bedtime.

Some plans for this week...mostly cooking and baking for Thanksgiving, I think.  I also need to get up into our attic crawlspace and bash my brains out on the rafters dig about in the Christmas stuff to see whether I can find an Advent calender (I may have ordered an extra last year) and stuff for decorating the Advent wreath.

I need to get online and research cameras.  My Fuji FinePix S7000 is not working properly, and isn't really worth fixing at the estimated cost.  If anyone has suggestions on a really great camera I can get used for $200-$300 (the less the better, naturally), I would appreciate it!  Christmas without a CD player is bad enough, but without a camera, it would be unthinkable!  Luckily, I have Sebastian's little camera as an emergency back-up.  It isn't the best, but at least we will have photos.

And there is stuff to be ordered for Christmas.  In the case of most of the folks I am shopping for, I have no idea what to get at all.  I wish I had time to make more gifts, but I have no more time than money this year!

If I can find time for myself, I want to...well, this is highly unlikely this week, but I want to work on a St. Lucia doll to keep my St. Nicholas doll company on the seasonal display shelf in December.  I will try to squeeze knitting in, too, whenever I can.

Some prayer intentions for the week...dear Lord, let me get everything done and let me keep my wits about me in the process!  I also pray that we get over our colds in time for Thanksgiving.  It seems Dominic, Adrian and I have had it worst, but it is on its way out, I think.  I am keeping my Goddaughter-to-be in my prayers as well, and rather hoping that she will wait until next week to be born, as this weekend is busy enough!

Something that makes me smile:  Well, I am short on photos, as I haven't taken any this past week, but my kids put on a little play for us last night.  They even included Gemma in the cast as the Princess.  While the Queen (Una) was explaining to the Knight (Adrian) how her daughter had been captured and taken away by the Dragon (Sebastian), Gemma was wandering around the was pretty funny.  I love family theatricals!

I'm not doing the Mr. Linky thing anymore, but if you care to join in with your own plans for the week, grab the header image and leave a link to your own Monday Musings in the comments.  Have a brilliant week!


  1. I adore Keeping Up Appearances. Poor Richard. :) I used to watch it every Saturday evening with my Grandmother on PBS when I was younger. I'll pray for your wits, but be careful what you wish for. When we pray for things we're usually given the chance to practice learning that virtue. At least I am, especially when I pray for patience... :) I posted a Musings today :) But I'm not sure how to leave a link, I did link to your blog though. Have a great week and a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving.

  2. Casey, that is so true about God challenging us to grow in virtue! Most dangerous is asking for greater humility; if you do, prepare for some real humiliation!

    To leave your link in comments, view your post (not the whole blog--just that post). Copy and paste what's in the address bar on that post to your comment on my blog. Hope that helps!

  3. I'm a bit late today :)... I'm determined not to be on the computer while the girls are doing school, anymore. My blogging was great, but my students were sorely neglected; not a good trade.

    Anyway, my Monday Musings are up. Thanks for hosting, Nadja :).


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