Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In the making.

It's another W.I.P. Wednesday...I really meant to get this post done much earlier in the day, but school takes most of the day, and when it is done, I usually have to start thinking about dinner (no, I obviously have not been sticking to my menu plan).  So, now dinner is done and I can show everyone what I have been up to.  Most of what I have been up to is knitting:
A little hat ready to be blocked

A second pair of leg warmers for Gemma

The beginning of a raglan sweater for Gemma.  I have yarn to do sweaters for a couple of the boys as well, but I figured I would test out the pattern on a smaller model first.

I am becoming one of those knitters with too many projects going at once!  So, what have you been working on these days?


  1. Wonderful! Love the hat. I need to make some legwarmers for all the girls inthe family. They come in so handy during the long New England winters. Your stitch markers are lovely. I keep hinting to my jewlry making daughter that stich markers would make a wonderful Christmas gift. I hope she gets the hint.

  2. Making your own baby legwarmers?! Genious I tell you! Those are so expensive in the stores but yours are way cute!! Everything looks great!

  3. Dear Nadja,
    I love your knitting projects. I would love to knit more, but I have soooooo many projects too that my knitting is on the back burner.
    I am hoping to start crocheting a baby rug for our baby soon
    Love dropping in
    God Belss

  4. I love the leg warmers! Would you consider making them for someone (me:-) to give as a gift if I paid for the yarn, postage, and whatever you felt was fair for your time? You can e-mail me privately, but I would be thrilled if you felt you could squeeze an extra pair in! Have a good one! +JMJ+


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