Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Musings--August 30th, 2010

Right Now:  5: 30 a.m. and dark--not even a hint of dawn on the horizon.  It is quite amazing how the days have shortened since the summer solstice.  The house is totally quiet and I am done with my prayers and reading (In Conversation with God).  I relish the early hours and even with the poor nights I have been having, I struggle to rise early because, well, having this time to myself is, frankly, more important to me than rest.  God always seems to give me the strength to muddle through the day regardless.

This Weekend:  was exhausting.  Friday was fine--Gemma and I got away in the afternoon and went with my sister and her two youngest to Goodwill.  It is so much nicer going without the whole gang!  I was hoping to find a few nice like-new things to put aside as Christmas gifts, but no luck there.  I did manage to come away with winter boots for all four of the boys!  God's gifts are like the old Rolling Stone song:  You can't always get what you want; you get what you need.  Thank you, Lord!

Friday evening Gemma developed some sort of bowel bug, and has pooped in every diaper since then, sometimes at 15 minute intervals.  I have temporarily given up on the cloth and am using the cheapest disposables I can find, as she is going through them quickly!  She has a blazing red diaper rash, but after using my homemade green salve numerous times, it no longer seems to bother her.  Nevertheless, the last couple of nights have been like having a newborn again.  I nurse her 3 or 4 times a night because she won't go back to sleep on her own, and now I change a couple of dirty diapers each night as well.  I feel so overnighted that my prayers each morning include a petition for the Lord to get me through the day.

On Saturday I made a gallon of yogurt and 1-5 lbs of butter, baked bread, did laundry and bathed Gemma.  I sort of went through the day in a sleepy half-doze.

Sunday was a very nice Mass and an opportunity to finally see the altar Bret designed and built for the Fathers of Mercy.  Since it is in their private chapel, I may not see it again!  Once at home, I printed out things for the school year:  daily planners, calenders, menu planners and so forth.  I did work on them a bit, but it made me sleepy...

Some Plans for the Week:  This morning I have someone from the phone company coming out to set us up with a wireless router so that I can get internet access for our new laptop.  I'm excited about this!  It means I will no longer have to shut myself up in the office in order to look things up or answer email.  And it means I can blog from a cozy chair...

My mom's birthday is on Friday, so I want to bake something for her.  I'm still not sure about what I will do.  She doesn't go for many American cakes, as American sweets tend to be much too sweet for her taste and mine.  So I have to do a bit of research on the foodie sites.

The main thing this week is menu and lesson planning.  Believe it or not, I am still waiting for a few books to come in.  It is going to be a real challenge adding another child into the mix when I was already feeling rather stretched thin last year, but what can you do?  I still figure that the real benefit to my kids is spending time with me and with their siblings.  I think it will keep them close in spite of personality conflicts that arise.

I have to list a few items for sale on eBay and Cathswap to somewhat offset the cost of school books and supplies and so that I might feel less guilty about ordering some wool yarn.  I really only order the most inexpensive stuff and avoid the delicious, luminous, expensive, hand-painted works of art in spun fiber.  But I want to get some wool yarn for a few little Christmas gifts, and I really don't have too great a stash from which to choose.

If I Can Find Some Time for Myself I Want To:  um...I don't think this is even an option this week.  I will be happy if I can work a few rows on some leg-warmers for Gemma in the evening and do a couple of fun things with the kids before school begins again.

Special Prayer Intentions:  For Gemma's tummy thing to clear up and for a couple of really good nights of sleep!  For God's help in getting myself organized and for some peace and good outdoor-play weather so that I can do what I need to; for the bid Bret put in for a job to be accepted; for the help of our Blessed Mother in making a decision; for Cindy's safe drive home from Chicago; and for all the children to feel ready to return to school in another week.

Something That Makes Me Smile:  Gabriel, who is never afraid of a camera!

Feel free to grab the header and post your own Monday Musings.  Link back here from your post so that I can read it.  And have a blessed week...


  1. I've missed your Monday Musings these last few weeks! I will include your prayer intentions with my own today. Sweet Gemma, I hope her tummy and bottom are better soon!

    God bless you! +JMJ+

  2. Welcome back! :) Will pray for little Gemma.


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