Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Morning Musings--July 12th, 2010

Right Now:  It's 7:15 and already really noisy in the house, thanks to Dominic.  I'm rather tired.  I stayed up to work on a bit of knitting, and Gemma still wakes several times a night.  Sometimes I can convince her to take a pacifier and go back to sleep, but most of the time she wants to nurse.  I get back to sleep sooner if I attend to her whims...

This Past Weekend:  Eh?  I can hardly remember.  Oh, yes, we stayed home on Saturday and just worked around the house.  I am trying to get some cleaning done, as junk tends to accumulate and I need to start the school year with some of the clutter gone.  Yesterday Una awoke feeling really nauseated and it just didn't lift.  she managed to get to Mass alright, but she took a long nap at home.  Everyone seems to have "Sleeping Sickness" around here.  Kids who never nap are suddenly falling asleep in the afternoons or while watching videos.  Dominic fell asleep at Mass.  It's rather curious.  I really have no objection.

Some Plans for the Week:  *sigh*  Let's see if this is the week I finally crack down and make a list of school books to order.  Usually I go to a Homeschool Conference before Easter and have most of my stuff purchased by now and goals and objectives down for the coming school year down in writing.  Not going this year seems to have thrown me off, and here I am, 8 weeks from the new school year and I only know what we are doing for math and writing.  I don't think I will order anything for history, geography or religion, and I have a pretty big stock of those things from years past, and we are on a very tight budget this year, but I do need a few things.  Unfortunately, they are expensive, so I want to see if I can find them used.  Oh...and we need a laptop.  Eeek. Big Expense.

Of course, there is Gemma's first birthday on Wednesday as well.  We don't usually do a whole lot for a one year-old, but there are the obligatory cake and presents to attend to.  I need to finish the cotton sun-top I knit for her.  It needs to have the sides seamed and be embroidered (I stink at embroidery, so say an Ave that I don't mess it up!)

Una wants to sew a skirt with me, and I have told her that I will try to squeeze in some time with her when the little one are napping and the older boys are otherwise occupied.

And of course there is the decluttering I mentioned.  When you are a person who loves crafts and sewing and knitting and art, the garbage accumulates quickly!

If I Can Find Some Time for Myself, I Want To:  All the above requires that I have some time for myself.  I have no desires but to be able to accomplish what I have written under "Plans for the Week"!

Special Prayer Intentions:  Prayers and best wishes to my grandmother Fran, whose birthday is today, and who must celebrate it without my grandfather for the first time in 54 years.  I am also praying for a young man (the son of friends of a friend of a friend) who is suicidal and not responding much to therapy and medication. Please pray for this 16 year old boy--he is Catholic and athletic and has parents who love him and are desperate.

Something That Makes Me Smile:  this baby girl with the fat thighs.

You will note that I have changed the header of this feature to "Monday Musings".  Although early Monday morning is my time to do this post, I want everyone to know that you are welcome to post anytime on Monday.  So join in, if it suits your fancy!  Have a great week.


  1. Nadja, I hope you have a good week and accomplish all that you would like to. We are doing the Holy Heroes VBS this week with the younger children... this is a good week to do it since it looks like it is going to be a rainy week. Gemma is a baby doll! I know you must love to nibble her from head to toe!!! God bless +JMJ+

  2. Gemma is getting so big! I cannot believe she's going to be one. I can totally understand what you mean when you talk of clutter. I live in a small apartment and despite knowing I have no space I seem to clutter it up with crafty things. I'm sorry I didn't get to a musings this week I wasn't even on the computer yesterday at all. I've been having some terrible insomnia lately and took a nap when the younger kids napped.


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