Thursday, April 15, 2010

Small Successes--volume 62

It has been a bit of a frustrating week, in spite of all the gorgeous weather.  A lot of trying to get things done to no avail.  Oh least the kids seem to be getting over the cold they had.  Just in time for allergy season.

1) I made some headway on a sweater for Gemma.  Of course, I got a little distracted last night while watching the first disk of Wives & Daughters from Netflix, and now I have to rip out the last row because I was purling when I ought to have been knitting.

2)  I have some seeds started for flowers and herbs (better late than never, eh?) and they are starting to come up now.  Bret has to fence the area around the raised beds so the chickens won't destroy the new plants as they did last year (I don't want to talk about it...).

3)  I have a few of weeks of menu planning completed.  I still want a few more.  I would like to have a 6 to 8 week rotation at least, so that there is plenty of variety. 

There is still much to do today and tomorrow before I can consider it a productive week.  I need to make another batch of yogurt (going through it quickly now that "smoothie season" has begun!), and a batch of granola; I need to get more done on the menu planning; I need to finish putting away winter clothes and pulling out the warm-weather stuff, and I need to make some phone calls (I am terrible about that--I really am not a "phone person", perhaps because I can never just sit and talk, and I find it difficult to talk and do other things simultaneously). 

I hope you have had some small successes this week.  Read some more and/or share your own at Faith & Family Live.


  1. Your weeks sounds mighty successful to me! I dream of a few acres to become more self sufficient... alas, my little suburban plot will have to do for now.

  2. I agree... a few acres would be awesome! I am not a phone person either. I have never understood how people shop, clean, drive, have a separate conversation with their children, etc. while talking on the phone... I am not that talented!

    Have a good day!

  3. wow, great job! If you don't mind, could you share your menu plan? I'm always on the look out to get out of my cooking ruts!

  4. Sounds like you are a supermom - as usual ;o)

    I hope you get what you need done this week!!

  5. Deb, I said this is what I need to get done to call it a productive week...not what I actually WILL get done! I have many, many unproductive weeks!

    Supermom, my gluteous maximus...

  6. I love Wives and Daughters... until the last 5 minutes, lol.

    Have you seen North & South? It's a similar genre but kind of heavier (I liked Wive & Daughters better, but my in-laws go for North & South).

    Granola! Yogurt!! You've inspired me to give 'em a go. I've never made either but have intended to for months.

    Supermom my gluteous maxiumus MY gluteus maximus! :-p That's what you are.

  7. Good job organizing your menus! Your family will definitely appreciate that!

  8. I wouldn't mind hearing about your menu plan either or your planning system whenever you had the time. Are you planning a sort of permanent menu that you reuse throughout the year with a few changes every now and then?

  9. If I ever get done with my menu plan, I will post it. I am using my past menu plan as a starting point, but tossing some of the less-favorite recipes aside in favor of some new recipes that are more successful in this house of picky males.

    As far as any "permanent" menu plan is concerned, my well-intentioned plans work out for about 6 to 8 weeks usually, and then something throws a monkey wrench into the works and I fall off my schedules and plans. I feel like a drunk who keeps falling off the wagon. But I know in my heart that my life is so much easier when I have a menu plan, so I always try to get back on!


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