Friday, April 9, 2010

Seven Quick Takes on Friday--volume 75

Believe me, I am as tired of posting this as you are of reading it:  Gemma has another cold.  Yesterday morning her head was a bit warm and her nose was running.  I thought, well, perhaps it's hay fever.  By evening she was really snotty again and it was obvious that she had another cold.  I am beginning to think that there is something wrong with the girl's immune system, as she has only had a few spells of good health since October, and the longest was just over two weeks.  Last night was like the recurrence of a bad dream:  she fussed and sputtered and flip-flopped about in bed because of her inability to nurse or take a pacifier until she finally passed out from sheer exhaustion at 12:30 a.m.  I slept in myself, in spite of the fact that I have a million things to do between now and Monday.

This Sunday is, as I am sure you know, Divine Mercy Sunday.  It is also, by the way, April 11th, which is the feast of St. Gemma Galgani, for whom my baby girl is named.  I am really praying to get to Mass!  Anyway, it is an especially delightful feast day for the Fathers of Mercy at their Chapel of Divine Mercy--for obvious reasons, I think.  They will have a number of priests on hand for confession in order to make sure no one misses an opportunity to gain the wonderful benefits promised by our Lord.  Last year the chaplet of Divine Mercy was sung, led by Marie Bellet.  The weather looks like it will be really nice, too.  If you are anywhere in the area, come on out!

I have four kids needing dental cleanings and our dentist will only see up to three from my family in one go, which means I have to make two separate appointments.  Beggars can't be choosers, as the saying goes, and since the kids' dentals are covered my the state's medicaid program, I humbly do what I must.  Still, it's a pain in the neck!  What is the difference between four of my kids and four other kids, eh?

This week is disappearing without my getting much done.  Yesterday I unexpectedly ended up spending four over four hours finalizing a house plan so that we can have a professional draftsman draw it up.  I thought it was done, but Bret forgot to place our furniture in the plan and there were rooms where our things wouldn't fit, or where a bunk bed would have been either in front of a window or blocking a closet.  So I fixed it as well as I could.  But in the meantime, I didn't finish my menu plan, make granola or get my seeds started (I'm so glad our growing season goes on through September here...I am always late starting seeds!)  Today and tomorrow I hope to get at least some of this done, if my snotty, cranky baby will permit!

The kids have been spending their Easter holiday watching videos and buzzed on way too much candy.  I think that whatever isn't eaten by Sunday will go in the trash on Monday.  This is what happens when they get candy from more than just one source!  The weather will be fair today, so I expect them to zoom and flap and bounce about outside for a while today!

Horror of horrors:  I have the dreaded "changing of the wardrobe" to do this weekend!  One of the features of the house plan for our future home is an attic space in which I will have clothing racks.  I will arrange clothing by size and season, and there will be bins only for woolens and for shoes!  I fantasize more about this than I do about my future kitchen.

Well, here I am getting a late start and feeling guilty for being on the computer!  I'd best go and get this busy day moving along.  Please, if you know little about Divine Mercy Sunday, please hit the link in #2 above and read up on it.  Take advantage of it!  It is one of our Lord's most beautiful gifts to fallen human nature!

Now go and visit Jennifer's Conversion Diary to read more Seven Quick Takes, and perhaps add your own.  and have a happy weekend, everyone.


  1. I changed out and boxed up all the kids clothing this week, which is a chore I really dislike... but I feel so much better afterward that everything is once again neatly organized (it will be a mess again in a few weeks I am sure).

    Prayers for sweet Gemma and that you get to Mass this weekend.

  2. #6 sounds won.der.ful! I too need to sort out the seasonal clothes.

    #3, our dentist will let us schedule the 5 kids old enough for cleanings plus myself, but it makes them nervous. But a second trip to the city...UGH! So I pray we are in good health as we near the appt. because I know if I ever have to cancel, that's the end of that sweet deal!

  3. hmmm thats interesting I didn't know st gemma and divine mercy were the same day.

    most of our candy is already thrown away (Like you too much from too many sources) ...except for the goodies I picked out for

  4. Well, Kim, Divine Mercy Sunday isn't always on the 11th, of course, but it makes it extra special for us this year!


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