Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ridiculously Simple Tutorial--leaf prints on fabric

Beth of Acorn Pies has a neat tutorial on spring printmaking using plants and block printing ink, and I long to try it.  I love print-making, but am often trying to do such projects when the youngest children are napping--if I am so fortunate as to have them napping at the same time.  This method involves fewer materials, no cleanup, and a hammer--making it especially appealing and appropriate for young boys.

This is so easy, I'm almost ashamed to call it a tutorial.

Gather some nice leaves, some fabric (just squares torn from an old sheet here) and a hammer.

Lay your fabric down on a sheet of clean paper, and lay your leaf face down on the cloth.  Oh, and do this on a hard, smooth work surface.  One that can bear being beaten with a hammer.

Cover the back of the leaf with a piece of clean scrap paper.  Then tap away at the leaf through the paper.  The boys really get into this part.  You may have to remind them that the object is not to smash the leaf into oblivion.  With the littler children, you may have to help, so that the entire leaf has been tapped.

Peel back the paper, and you ought to have a nice imprint.  These will brown with age, and ferns look particularly nice, but alas, we have none on our property.
Thanks, Beth, for the inspiration...that's why I follow your blog, you know!

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  1. My five-year-old son thinks this looks cool and wants to do it. I am thinking Mother's Day for his grandmas... a little something framed just from him. Have a good evening!


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