Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sixteen degrees here this morning, with the gentlest of snow flurries. Una came in from feeding her rabbit and said, excitedly, that she could see individual snowflakes. I ran out with my camera and took a few shots of flakes on the van. I can't believe I got them!


  1. Oh, how BEAUTIFUL!! My whole family is gathered around the computer oohing and aahing over your snowflakes right now. Wow!

  2. Same here... I am showing everyone the amazing pictures that you took! How can anyone doubt God's existence when they look at something so intricate, so beautiful? Peace

  3. i have never seen such a thing.
    how breathtakingly beautiful.
    they don't even look real.
    what a new year's treat!

  4. WOW!!!

    Can I say it again? I mean...WOW!!!

    Fabulous photos, Nadja. The children are as amazed as I!


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