Monday, December 14, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook for 14 December 2009

Outside my window…5:24 and dark. A mild 54 degrees, and expected to get up to 60 today.

I am thinking…of this last busy week of Advent. Schooling will consist of just the basics this week so that we have plenty of time (uh...wait, is there ever plenty of time???) to bake and decorate. We don't put up our tree until just before Christmas generally, but we keep it at least through epiphany and often beyond.

I am thankful for…our colds. Yes, for all the Swine Flu hype this year, you'd think that half the country would have already been hospitalized by now. We have stuffy noses here.

From the kitchen...There will be a lot of cereal, oatmeal and defrosted banana or pumpkin bread this and next week, as mama will be very busy!

I am creating…another pair of longies for Gemma, knit from the lovely wool Elizabeth sent me. It is good to have several pairs of longies if one uses them as diaper covers, so that one can dry or be washed as another is worn. The first pair, knit from this pattern, turned out very well, and looks so cozy! I also finished another hat like the first I made Gemma, this one a bit larger so that it fits better. I love that pattern--one can knit it up in a few hours and it only takes a couple of ounces of yarn.

I am reading ...lots and lots of Christmas and winter-themed books.

I am get a lot of baking done this week, and to get at least a little school done as well!
I am hearing…nothing. Not a thing.

A few plans for the rest of the week: baking, baking, baking. Wrapping presents. Decorating. Picking up a tree with the kids. Watching holiday movies and reading Christmas stories.

I am praying...not nearly enough as I ought. I'm praying a lot for my dad, who can't make it out here for Christmas, and who may end up spending Christmas alone. I have suggested that rather than be alone, to volunteer to serve meals at a shelter or deliver to shut-ins. Doing something kind for others has a way of taking us out of our own miseries.

Picture Thought: because I can't get enough of this baby girl...

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  1. The baby looks so beautiful and peaceful, especially with it "snowing gently" on her! I hosted a large family gathering yesterday, which I do every year; and as much as I enjoy it, I find it exhausting. We are taking today "off". Everyone kept their slippers on, my 16 y/o daughter is making hot cocoa as I am typing this, and we will be putting in a Christmas movie.

    Where does your father live? Is he in our area? Or, was that your husband's father? I do not like to think of anyone alone at Christmas.

    Have a great day! JMJ

  2. Hope your colds are doing better. We have one sick boy here - I have sent him to bed (which he is happy to do - no chores!!) - in the hope of restricting it to one child.


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