Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday post about Saturday...

We managed to make it to the Fathers of Mercy for the conference on the life of Mother Teresa. It was very good and well worth the effort to get there, although we nearly didn't. Bret came into the house yesterday morning after carrying the morning's milk to his shop, where we have an extra fridge and freezer, as I was frantically trying to get everyone ready so that we could be out by 7:25, and announced that the freezer must have died sometime the day before and that the meat was defrosted.

This is our second incident with the freezer since July, when the door was left open on it just a couple of days after Gemma's birth. This time the old thing actually died. but the result is the same: I have a lot of meat to cook in the next couple of days. This is also my second major appliance to die on me in the last few weeks. It's like Murphy's Law: if something big is going to die, it will do so just around the holidays. Last year the computer died in October and the wall oven in December.

The good news is, the ground beef was in another freezer and so is unaffected, and the majority of what was in the freezer was pork, and we have another pig going to the butcher in January. The bad new is, the beef that was left was all my "special" stuff--the tenderloins, sirloin tip roasts and rib roasts. I guess we'll be eating well this week...!

Anyway, back to the conference:

The weather was beautiful, Gemma went for six hours without crying once (people actually commented on that!), and the pot luck lunch was delicious. The talks were edifying (Fr. Bill Casey was the homilist for the Mass), and there was a fine turnout. It was lovely to see some Missionaries of Charity there. One of them turned out to be a sister who was present at Una's baptism in Charlotte, NC ten years ago! We were friendly with the Charlotte sisters because Bret did some carpentry work in their house and I volunteered with their after-school program for the Vietnamese community. I couldn't resist a photo opportunity.Well, I have a roast in the slow cooker and I need to get ready for Mass. Hope you have a blessed Sunday!


  1. you can refreeze that meat after you cook it-you are just not supposed to thaw and refreeze raw meat. A few pre-cooked roasts in the freezer will give you slow-cooked flavour in TV-Dinner time.

  2. O Nadja - I am so sorry to hear about your freezer - I always think of that Hamlet quote - "when troubles come, they come not as single spies but in battalions"!! I wish I could come over and have a roast or steak with you.

    The conference sounds lovely. That picture of Una with the Sister of Charity is just beautiful.


  3. Oh, goodness, when it rains, it pours... and usually near the holidays! I think I mentioned on one of your earlier posts, that we have had to in the last few months buy a new dishwasher, dryer, refrigerator, and we had a leak in our front yard that cost over $2,100 to repair!

    What parish did you attend while in Charlotte...St. Patrick's? I am familiar with Fr. Casey from EWTN.
    It sounds like a nice conference.
    We see the Missionaries of Charity from time to time when we are out and about.

    Have a nice Sunday, which I suppose means a lot of cooking! JMJ

  4. How exciting it must have been, great for the kids too. Sorry about the freezer.


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