Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm not superstitious, but... has been sooo challenging! Constant bickering, Dominic shrieking his head nigh off for every little thing, school not getting done, laundry not put away, butter not finished, me in need of a shower, the house only half-vacuumed with the vacuum lying in the hall, my milk not letting down (on account of stress, no doubt), and to top it off, one of the kids offering a display of unmitigated gall in the form of using sarcasm on a stretched-taut mother. This made clear to me how totally lacking this kid is in self-preservation skills. I usually try to forego sweets and wine on Fridays, but I think I could use a glass or two of wine and a pint of ice cream. And a long, hot shower.

Only the baby sucking on the drawstring of my sweatshirt can still bring a smile to my face!


  1. Thanks for your reply last night, Nadja. Now I can e-mail you every day! JUST KIDDING!!!

    When you share a post like this one, you are being an encouragement to other stressed out moms, who think they are the only ones struggling, and even using a little humor as you post.

    I like your blog and others like it, because it does come across very honest and down to earth! If I was in TN, I would join you in a glass of (red) wine and maybe some good chocolate!

    Have a peaceful weekend! Oh, and babies do make everything better... my little one is sleeping in my arms now. JMJ

  2. Amen Annita - one of the reasons I so love Nadja is her real quality - no sanctimonious blatherings - she is high on my velveteen rabbit list! My kids think she is great too - she even liked their men behaving badly video!!

    Hugs Nadja - I'll join you in that glass of red wine.


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