Monday, November 30, 2009

Hot off the needles

Due to severe budget constraints this year (caused by the untimely demise of our fridge, our freezer, our CD player, and as of yesterday, our VCR), I have been making as many gifts as I can. My nephew James, who is one, and therefore too young to read this blog, is getting this hat. It is the same pattern as Gemma's, but I knit an extra band, as I found that Gemma's didn't come down to the nape of her neck where I thought it ought to be.


  1. Lovely! And I so understand about the demise of appliances and electronics - we have lots of things hanging on by a thread - literally!

  2. Very pretty. No one can complain about getting this gift.

  3. lovely little hat.
    i wish i had the time to make more gifts. but that is something i should've been doing all year long...sigh.
    i almost wish the whole present aspect of Christmas would disappear completely. except for a few epiphany tidbits.
    does that sound scroogish or grinch-ish of me?
    hope not.
    'cause my heart is really in the right place.
    i am just so sick of stuff.

  4. Love the hat. Little James is very fortunate. I personally think home made gifts are so much better. It shows how much you care when you invest precious time and energy into the gift.


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